Buster Bros.

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Co-Op Classics Video Edition: Buster Bros/Pang and The Punisher

Videos of two classic co-op titles.

It's time once more for another video edition of our classics-focused feature.  We've got two games that are quite different from each other.  The first, Buster Bros., is a squeaky clean but rather generic arcade style title that can be very tricky to play.  The second, The Punisher, based on Marvel's tough guy vigilante, is a beat-'em-up from Capcom's glory days, and is quite violent and bloody, as befits the character.  

Buster Bros.

Also known as Pang, this interesting game is a bit of a mix between a puzzle game and a platformer.  Players take on the roles of two world travelers who fly all over the globe in order to hunt... giant balloon balls. These balls split in half, and in half again, Asteroids style.  It can be quite challenging to hit all the targets, which is bad since they are made from some toxic substance that kills you in one hit.  Overall, a quirky little title that is quite fun to play.  Expect a full Co-Op Classics article for this one soon!

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