Co-Optimus 2011 Holiday Buyer's Guide Xbox 360 Edition - Page 2

Xbox 360 Games

Few things warm my heart on Christmas more than giving or receiving just the right game. Giving gifts is like a game of its own.

For the Xbox 360 Loyalist

Gears of War 3 ($59.99)Gears 3 box

Probably the year’s biggest 360 exclusive, Gears 3 is the perfect end to a trilogy. It’s got everything shooter fans loved from the previous games, plus much improved writing, and tons of co-op modes - including 4-player campaign co-op! Co-Optimus review

Halo Anniversary

Halo CE Anniversary ($39.99)

While it may have been overshadowed by the big holiday sequels, this remake of the original Halo still provides ample entertainment. The price certainly helps. Co-Optimus review




For Kinected Kids

Sesame Street Once Upon a Monster ($49.99)Sesame Street

If your kid is still young enough to enjoy Sesame Street (can you ever be too old?), Once Upon a Monster is a must-buy. You’ll have a wonderful time sharing in Cookie Monster and Elmo’s adventures… Except during the poorly-performing trash throwing minigame, but one rotten apple doesn’t spoil the bunch where Muppets are concerned. Co-Optimus review


Kinect Disneyland Adventures ($49.99)Kinect Disneyland

Can’t afford to visit Disneyland during the holidays? This virtual recreation is the next best thing, and you won’t even have to wait in line. Explore the park, interact with dozens of Disney characters, and take on plenty of authentic minigames alone or with a family member.




For the Young at Heart

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure ($69.99)


Ostensibly Skylanders is a game for the young’uns, but it’s on my Christmas list too. And Skylanders action figures make great stocking stuffers... Co-Optimus review

For the Japanophile

Catherine ($59.99)Catherine

Atlus’ challenging sliding block puzzle game features a unique and mature storyline along with bizarre character designs that could only come from Japan. The unlockable co-op mode is icing on the cake.


Otomedius Excellent ($29.99) or ($49.99)Otomedius Excellent

Whether it’s the scantily-clad female characters or the old-school shoot-em-up gameplay that catches your attention, Otomedius Excellent is worth more than a passing glance. The low-priced standard edition and still fairly affordable Collector’s Edition help it fit into any gift-giving budget. Co-Optimus review



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