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Microsoft Store Prints Games on Demand

Along with the launch of Windows 7 last week, Microsoft launched another huge initiative - retail stores.  Much like Apple does with their stores, Microsoft wants users to have a one stop shop for everything under the MS brand including PC and Xbox video games.  In fact, you can actually bring your Xbox into one for service should you find yourself with one of those dreaded errors.

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Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Demo Now Pre-Loading

If you've got Left 4 Dead 2 preordered for the PC, you can now fire up Steam and preload the files getting yourself ready for the zombie slaughter.  It all begins on Tuesday, October 27th.  We strongly advise pre-loading, that way there's no need to wait for the demo to download on Tuesday.  

by Marc Allie 2

Co-Op Classics: Space Invaders II

Finding the earliest example of a cooperative video game has long been a quest of mine.  In this column, we've covered some of the oldest and most important co-op games.  Mario Bros., from 1982, features co-op exactly as we define it here at Co-Optimus. Joust had a form of co-op, too, and it was released a few months before Mario Bros.  Today, we look at an even earlier classic game with cooperative elements: Space Invaders II.

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AI War: Fleet Command Co-Op Review

There is a phrase that is commonly linked with any discussion of the co-op in an RTS: "comp stomp."  The phrase refers to the typical situation that occurs when a group of players team up to take on one or more computer opponents and proceed to thrash them about the place.  This can be fun for a few matches, but the novelty quickly wears thin as the computer does nothing new or interesting each time you face it.  AI War, Arcen Games’ first outing into the gaming market, shatters this stale and repetitive formula to create something that’s not quite an RTS, not quite a 4X, but completely fun and, most importantly, completely co-op.

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2: Quirks Of The Trade

As gamers, we often wonder what goes on behind the scenes with game developers. What hoops are jumped through? What hurdles are cleared? And where did that bit of quirk in the game come from, exactly? Well, Game Informer got a fun list of things that went on during the development of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 that made it what it we get to play.  

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