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Borderlands DLC Plans, Level Caps According to Randy Pitchford

We seem to really enjoy our Borderlands. Many of us have already finished the campaign and are leveling up their second and third characters. There's good news for those that wanted more; a new island will be available for download after November 24th. The DLC pack is called "Zombie Island of Dr. Ned" and will give players an additional 6-10 hours of gameplay time to complete the story here. IGN has stated that there are about "50 quests, and 5 new dungeons" on this new island, with a plethora of zombies accidentally created by a wacky Dr. Ned.

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Modern Warfare 2 Sells 4.7M Copies, Teases Spec Ops DLC

Ah, Modern Warfare 2. The epitome of all that is unfair. Take a perfectly good formula, gimp it, insult the consumers...and then sit back and laugh as you sell 4.7 million copies in one day. Watch Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare crash the PlayStation Network in 2007, and then act surprised when it happens again in 2009. Tout your campaign as being so important that it can't support the interference of multiplayer co-op players, then copy/paste the same missions to a side mode called Special Ops...and furthermore encourage players to skip an integral plot point via the most controversial playable scene this year.

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