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CoG Network Child's Play Drive

Every year the fine folks at Penny-Arcade put together a charity drive of epic proportions to benefit sick children.  Called Child's Play, the charity event spans the internet raising what literally amounts to millions of dollars, all from gamers.

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Beware the Horde: Black Friday Deals on Co-Op Games

Stop me if you've heard this one before.  It's the middle of the night, and the streets are deserted.  You're trying to get to your destination, but suddenly, screams fill the air and the ground shakes beneath you.  A horde of creepy figures is headed your way, and though you run as fast as you can, you are overwhelmed.  The crowd tramples over you, and you black out.  Nope, it's not Left 4 Dead 2, it's just Black Friday once again!

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adhocParty Available in Playstation Store, Walkthrough Video

As we reported last week, Sony is bringing adhocParty, a service that enables formerly local only co-op and multiplayer PSP game to branch out a bit, to the U.S. soon.  In this case, "soon" meant "next week" as the adhocParty service is now available in the Playstation Store for download.  To go with the launch of this service, the good folks at the Sony Playstation Blog have provided a brief walkthrough video of how to get this service up and running so you can enjoy your previously adhoc only PSP co-op titles over the Internet... or can you?  Check out the video after the break to see if you caught the same caveat we did.

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Co-Op Classics: Donkey Kong Country

A few years ago, a neighbor offered my wife a Super Nintendo with five games, all for $25, before it went into their garage sale. My wife nabbed it, and I was a happy classic gamer that entire day. One of the games in that lot, Donkey Kong Country, was easily worth that price by itself.

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