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Saint's Row 2 Now Available On-Demand

Microsoft has added the first batch of new titles to its Games on Demand service over Xbox Live.  Among them is Saint's Row 2, a two player co-op title we rather enjoyed last year.  The game costs a staggering 3000 , which translated into real world monies is $37.50.   Considering you can get the full retail game for $28 (shipping included) I'm not quite sure you want to hop on the On-Demand bandwagon just yet.

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CCP Unveils Dust 514, Co-Op With EVE Online

Even though we don't cover MMOs to any real depth on, we know the experience is inherently cooperative.  That being said, the latest announcement from CCP at the GamesCom conference in Germany has really piqued are interest.  The game is called Dust 514, and it's a console MMO/FPS that interacts directly with the PC MMO Eve Online.

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Serious Sam HD Trailer Gets Serious

If you're looking for a variety of weapons, enemies, and awesomeness with a dash of co-op, Serious Sam HD is where you need to be. Seriously. The latest Serious Sam HD trailer has an epic soundtrack that almost seems ironic given the style of humor associated with Serious Sam, while still complementing the visuals and gameplay shown very nicely. We also get a glimpse at the various weapons and enemies of the game, and an idea of how smooth this FPS is going to glide when you finally get your hands on it!  

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No Co-Op Campaign In StarCraft 2

Not that we were truly expecting it, but it does come as a disappointment that Blizzard has announced no campaign co-op in StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty.  The game's lead designer, Justin Bowder told VG 247 the sad news last month at an exclusive hands on event with the game.

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