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Modern Warfare 2 Trailer is Two Minutes of Man Candy

Ok, so we know Modern Warfare 2 isn't going to have a true co-op campaign mode.  Yeah it sucks.  But after watching the latest trailer for Infinity Ward's latest game, you'll get over it.  And while we won't get to experience street fighting in South American countries, or riding a snow mobile with our buddy fighting terrorists...well perhaps we still will.  Just not in the context of a narrative, one that's explained in this trailer.

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Beyond Co-Op Reviews: May 2009

It's time for our monthly Single Player reviews. This month we look at a handful of great games. Up on the block is Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Wolverine, Defense Grid, Devil Summoner 2, Defense Grid, Riddick and Lux-Pain!

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Darksiders: Wrath of War Gets The Co-op Chop

Darksiders: Wrath of War, the story of the Apocalypse triggered early, and the four Horseman of the Apocalypse being banished to Earth. The battle between Heaven and Hell rages on our plane after the Horsemen were tricked into triggering the Apocalypse early. Play as War, one of the four Horsemen, tracking down the other three Horseman, and solving the mystery of the premature end of our world.

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