by Mike Katsufrakis 6

PSPgo Hardware Review

Like any good gamer and gadget geek, when Sony released their new PSPgo we needed a good excuse to buy one.  So we've acquired a Go under the guise of using it for reviewing purposes - and in turn - we bring you the review.  Does the hardware revision stack up against it's older brother?  And how does it affect your co-op gaming?  Find out in our review! 

by Nick Puleo 15
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Left 4 Dead 2 Adds "Scavenge" Mode, Realism Difficulty

Valve has announced a new competitive gameplay mode in Left 4 Dead 2 called Scavenge.  Played like a quick round of versus against a clock, the team of four survivors must collect gas canisters to fill up a generator.  For every canister filled the team gets 20 seconds of added time and a point.  The other team of special infected must stop them from scoring as many points as they can, as once time runs out, the sides switch.

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