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Co-Op Quotes: Dead Space Extraction

“We know a lot of people out there like playing with their friends, with their family, and so we wanted to support that. But the other reason [for the co-op play] is that we kind of wanted to move away from strict survival-horror rules – which are, you’re alone, you have to really watch your back, [and] conserve ammo all the time – and move more in the direction of action-horror.” – John Calhoun, senior designer of Dead Space: Extraction

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Co-Op Casual Friday: Wii Sports Resort

In only a couple weeks, Wii Sports Resort has sold an astonishing numbers of units.  The first Wii Sports game was literally a system seller, and so the success of the sequel isn't really too surprising.  The new, improved motion controls, which are the real draw of theWii in the first place, are accomplished with the aid of Wii Motion Plus, an addon for your Wiimote.  The majority of the games are competitive, or single player only, as was the case with Wii Sports.  But there are a few sports included that involve co-op gameplay.  Wii lovers everywhere can now waggle and wiggle their way to victory with a friend, and not against them. As a more traditional gamer, I was only mildly interested in Wii Sports Resort.  My curiosity was more for the technical aspects of the Wii Motion Plus than the game itself.  My family, on the other hand, loves Wii Sports, and it has probably had the most playtime out of any Wii title we own, especially when we have company over.  When the game was released, I found an excellent deal and used a couple leftover gift cards to buy the game, plus one extra Wii Motion Plus attachment.  My own feelings for the game were mildly favorable, but my wife and youngest son, especially, were quite impressed.  Swordplay and the skydiving have been the most popular games so far for us. In general, the Wii Motion Plus works very, very well.  True one for one relationships between your actions and those of your Mii are finally possible.  Every twist, shake, or tilt is registered quite clearly.  The pointing aspects of the controller haven't changed much, but in all other areas, it feels much improved.  In my experience, the frisbee tossing game is the best example of the improvements.  The exact same motions that would send the disc flying in real life translate perfectly into the video game.  It's quite satisfying and a nice way to show the motion capabilities of the Wii off.  It's unfortunate that it didn't work this way upon release, and to many Wii owners, buying new addons at $20 each will be distasteful, especially when there is the perception that "it should have done this already anyway".

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Oldschool Brawler Action With Spyborgs

Ready to get your combo meter through the roof? Spyborgs is here to deliver some old-school brawler action to the Wii, complete with combos and co-op. Beat on enemies with any of the 3 characters, and team up for some devastating action. You can also take a lot of your frustrations on banisters and other inanimate objects if that is the way you roll...or swing.

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Co-op Reading Recommendation: Little Brother

In an effort to expand our horizons at Co-Optimus, we present to you our first review of a book.  Why would we review a book?  The premise of Little Brother, is at its core, cooperative.  Not only is the story about co-op, it's about gaming.  Hmmm, that sounds familiar.

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