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Sins of a Solar Empire Co-Op Review

The PC is still the strongest platform when it comes to strategy titles, and a unique and incredibly deep title named Sins of a Solar Empire is no exception.  With nearly limitless possibilities at your fingertips and your friends by your side - there's plenty of strategy and fun to be had in this space sim.  But is it enough to satisfy our cooperative galaxy conquering cravings?  Read on to find out.

by Katrina Pawlowski 2
  • nintendo wii

Co-op Medical Degrees [Not] Necessary For Trauma Team

Sterilize and prep your Wii for some motion-sensitive co-op surgeries! Trauma Team, the latest installment from the Atlus hit "Trauma Center" which puts you in the surgeons scrubs, will give us a different kind of co-op to feast on. Yu Namba, Project Lead for Atlus sat down with to get a few details about how this medical co-op will work.

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Left 4 Dead User Created Content Compatible With The Sequel

If you're one of the many Left 4 Dead users on the PC that have shared your awesome mod talents, Left 4 Dead 2 will not mark the end of your hard work. Valve recently assured users that their user-created content will be available "out of the box" with the release of Left 4 Dead 2. That is to say, while playing Left 4 Dead 2, all of your hand-made maps will be there for the new sequel! To us, this is more what you might expect from community-friendly developer, Valve.

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Avatars Flip it on You in the World of Reals

When avatars were announced for the Xbox 360 Dashboard update last year, many hardcore gamers groaned.  Yet, over a year later those same folks have meticulously crafted an avatar that's a mirror image of themselves.  With the upcoming dashboard update our avatars will be even more customizable with objects and set pieces for our avatar to interact with.

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