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Invincible Tiger Hints and Tips

I've been playing a lot of Invincible Tiger lately, getting ready for our review this week.  I'm a very aggressive player in most fighting and beat em up games, but Invincible Tiger is a game about balance.  You see, Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao rewards you not only for attacking, but defending.  Instead of blocking, you'll dodge and roll to fill up a Yin-Yang meter which increases your combo and score.

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Halo 3: ODST Firefight Video Extravaganza

Ok Bungie, you can stop teasing me now.  You can just send a few copies of Halo 3: ODST my way and I'll be happy to do some quality testing for you.  The fact that Game Videos is teasing us with almost half a dozen videos of the game's Firefight mode in action isn't making the wait till September 22nd any easier.  

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Co-Op Casual Friday: Boom Blox

There are two requirements that qualify a game for this column.  As long as the game meets just one of the criteria, I'll use it.  The first is appeal to a younger audience.  Movie and television tie-ins meet this requirement, but there are certainly many other kid-friendly games too.  Second, any game that appeals to the more casual crowd, or even non-gamers, can be covered.  The game we have under consideration today fulfills both of these criteria, and does so admirably.  Boom Blox is appealing to children, and great use of the Wii remote means non-gamers will love it too. Boom Blox is similar to Pickup Sticks, stacking dominoes, and Jenga, games that almost everyone is familiar with.  The various levels are comprised of blocks, stacked up in rather impressive piles.  While goals for each level differ, you are usually tasked with hitting, shooting, or even blowing up blocks.  That's all there is to it.  Boom Blox's simplicity is very appealing, and is one reason why the game is perfect for  those who normally wouldn't even play a game.  You can pass the Wiimote to your grandma, 3 year old nephew, or even a time traveler who has never seen a video game before, and each of them will probably understand just what to do.

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Dawn of War 2's Last Stand Co-Op Mode Officially Unveiled

Just like we previously discovered, Dawn of War 2 is getting a brand new cooperative mode to go along with it's most excellent co-op campaign.  Announced today, The Last Stand puts players in control of a hero unit against waves and waves of enemies.  Players choose between a Space Marine Captain, and Eldar Farseer or an Ork Mekboy for their character.  Each one will have their own unique advantages and disadvantages of play - and together they create a well balanced team.

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