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Spyborgs Enhance Your Wii This September

Are you ready for a wild co-op time on the Wii, because the Spyborgs are! Armed with 3 cybernetic enhanced characters, Spyborgs gives us a Bionic-commando-esque game exclusively to the Wii. Each of these three characters is dynamically different; from the hulking robot "Bouncer," to the female ninja "Clandestine," to the guy we know nothing about, "Stinger." Joystiq went hands on with Spyborgs to deliver the goods on this Wii game. Is it worth checking out for a bit of couch co-op?

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Watchmen: The End is Nigh Details Turn Your Brain Into a Squid

This week, the film version of Watchmen is released on DVD/Bluray.  Along with the movie comes the second half of the tie in game, Watchmen: The End is Nigh.  You'll recall that the first part was made available when the movie was released in theaters this past spring.  The pricing and release date information have been made available, and it's so confusing that your brain just might turn into a mildly telepathic alien squid when you try to comprehend it.

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Star Trek D-A-C Co-Op Review

Star Trek D-A-C was released earlier this year along side the Star Trek movie reboot. There wasn't much fanfare around the title, and a lot of people overlooked it. Perhaps with good reason. We dive into the cooperative mode to see if there's any Klingons worth saving...

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Trine Trickery - The Tale of the Unintentional Cheat Code

As I worked my way through Trine, I became deeply engrossed in the game.  I never found it very difficult, at least not the combat, but felt challenged enough to enjoy it.  I'm not one to cheat in games, but I accidently discovered a cheat code in Trine that not only partially ruined the experience for me, it made the game crash!

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