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How to Choose the Right Graphics Card for your PC

I've been a PC gamer for over 20 years now, and building systems just as long.  The one thing that's never changed in all that time is the difficulty that goes into the decision of buying a new piece of hardware for your computer.  This is part of the reason companies like Alienware, Dell, and HP do so well at selling pre-built computers.  

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Blue Omega Suffers Damnation

Earlier today, we posted our review of Damnation, a highly anticipated co-op title. We went into this review with an open mind, in spite of the other reviews we'd read. It was not our intention to post this less-than-thrilled review on the eve of such terrible news for the developers. We wished the outcome were different both for the review, and developers circumstances. Unfortunately, the Development staff for Damnation have all hit the unemployment lines after recent layoffs.

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Madden NFL 10 Lead Designer Talks Co-op

2 guys walk into a bar, and talk football. Sounds pretty standard, right? Well,'s Samit Sarkar spoke with Madden 10 Lead Designer Ian Cummings to get the low-down on what to expect! NFL fans will be excited to learn that Madden 10 has an "NFL Franchise" system, where 32 people join up for some online rumble time according to real NFL schedules. Though this isn't exactly co-op, new innovative ways to bring players together is fine by us!

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