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Trine PS3 Priced at Half of the PC Version

Trine is getting close to release, as proof by the recent demo and uptick in chatter on the game.  But all isn't good with the Frozenbyte's game, not because of gameplay, but because of pricing.  According to Shacknews, the PlayStation Network version of Trine will cost $20 - and while that initially might seem high for a downloadable title - keep in mind the PC Retail release is listed at $40.

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Marvel: Super Hero Squad, Bringing Out The Kid In Us All

Remember the good old days when a white towel was easily mistaken for a Super Hero cape? Marvel: Super Hero Squad is bringing us those memories, and now we can co-op with a buddy! Whether you're gaming with a friend, sibling, child, or parent, Marvel: Super Hero Squad will have you running around your living room pretending to fly with Thor's hammer anytime.

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Couch Co-Op Blamed for Sick Children After Hurricane Ike

As hurricane season nears for southeast Texas, the local news outlets here are scrambling to bring advanced coverage and hurricane-related articles regarding safety and accident prevention. It's great to see Houston communities coming could even call it co-op. (See what I did there?)

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