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Co-Op Release Alert: Boom Blox Bash Party

Boom Blox Bash Party is coming your way today.  The sequel to last year's creative puzzle waggler will include a greater focus on multiplayer.  That's a nice addtion for fans of co-op!  Exclusive to the Wii, the game is value priced, retailing for a reasonable $40.  Remember that you can get the game at Amazon and support Co-Optimus at the same time.  It's even on sale, for 10% off.  Let the bashing begin!

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Co-Opticast Episode 19: Nick Watches Desperate Housewives

In this installment of The Co-Opticast, we discuss what we've been playing (hint: Hugh Jackman is a hunk), the lack of Campaign co-op in Modern Warfare 2 (with bonus comedy), the fall of 3D Realms, which may or may not actually be a fall, what we think about the state of Rhythm Action (music) games, and what our ideal co-op titles would be. All this, with additional snark, wrapped inside a lovely 45-minute package can be yours- if the price is right!

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Terminator Salvation Launch Trailer Pumps You Up

As we told you yesterday, Terminator: Salvation launches today.  To celebrate the game's launch Warnerbros has released a final trailer for the game.  The trailer showcases in game dialog mixed with music and clips of things blowing up in true movie trailer fashion.  The end result is something that should get you pumped up for shooting silver robot dudes with red eyes in the face.

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