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ArmA II Co-Op Review

Military Sims, true Military Sims, are a rarity these days. Instead we've grown used to the likes of Ghost Recon. That's not a knock on Ghost Recon, it's just a true hardcore sim is hard to come by. Enter ArmA 2 for the PC, the latest co-op military sim from Bohemia Interactive. Perhaps there's a reason these sims are a rarity? Or perhaps we just don't know what we are missing.

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"Rock Band Network" Will Allow Indie Artists To Upload Songs

Just in case the four gazillion tracks available for download aren't enough for you, Harmonix is up to something that will bring even more tunes your way.  MTV is launching the Rock Band Network later this year.  The network is a way for any artist to upload their songs so they can be enjoyed in video game form.  How about some details?

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