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Games for Windows Live Co-Op Night for May - Dawn of War 2

This month's Games for Windows Co-Op Night we go back to one of our favorites.  Dawn of War 2 from developer Relic is an Action/RTS that puts players in the role of gritty space marines as they take on three different aliens in an epic battle for survival.  The entire campaign is playable in co-op - and we have the perfect night to meet up with friends to do just that.

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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Free DLC Invading

The Dynasty Warriors Gundam series is quite interesting.  Obviously, Gundam is a nice game friendly franchise, with giant robots (not really giant robots, but still, GIANT ROBOT-LIKE SUITS, awesome) and lots of drama.  Dynasty Warriors is one of the longest running co-op friendly series.  The two meet and much fun can be had; I've enjoyed playing the first Dynasty Warriors Gundam over the past few weeks.

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Co-Op Release Alert: Raiden Fighter Aces

Fans of the Raiden series of SHMUPs will be happy to know that the latest compilation for the Raiden Fighter Aces series has been released on the Xbox 360.  The set contains all three Raiden Fighter Aces games for $19.99.  Not content with just a straight two player co-op shooter, Valcon games has added some features.

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