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  • xbox 360

This Week in Co-Op: Resident Evil 5 Demo

This week's co-op gaming took place in the zombie filled world of Africa.  With no lions in site, the zombies roamed free in the "Shanty Town" of this random village.  Teamed up with my trusty yet attractive partner Jason (Sheva pictured above) it was a kill or be killed scenario.  In our case...mostly be killed.

by Marc Allie 2
  • xbox 360

New Bloody Resident Evil 5 Edition Xbox 360 Coming Soon

I have a confession: I owned one of those clear green Nintendo 64s.  It was hideous, but I still loved it.  It seems I will be tempted again by a colorful console, and this time it comes with one of the AAA co-op titles of the year.  Ars Technica is reporting that a limited Resident Evil 5 Edition Xbox 360 will be released.  The bundle will include a copy of the game, a purty red Xbox 360, a red controller, a premium RE5 NXE Theme, and a coupon to download Street Fighter II Turbo HD.

by Marc Allie 0

LittleBigContent Patch Delayed; Awesome Freebies Make Up For It

A large content patch for LittleBigPlanet was supposed to have been released last week.  To the chagrin of adorable Sackfolks everywhere, it wasn't.  However, to help ease your suffering, there are some free costumes that will be available to download between now and the end of next month.

by Nick Puleo 3
  • playstation 3

Resistance 2 Patch Available, Split Screen Fix Incoming

Insomniac has just released a new patch for the 8 player co-op shooter Resistance 2.  The patch is version 1.40 and it should be available by the time you read this.  What does it fix?  Lots of stuff, but the most important being the restoration of any character resets you may have had.  Some folks have reported issues with level progression and found their character data reset to level 1.  The good news is this patch should not only restore your previous character state, but tack on any progression you've gained since.  So your level 20 medic for co-op that should have been a level 40 medic will really be a level 40!  Very nice!

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