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Borderlands Changes Visual Style, Still Coming this Year

It appears as though the four player co-op Borderlands has gone from a realistic rendering look to a more artistic cell shaded technique.  The shot above shows a comparison between Borderlands new cell shaded look (left) and the old look (right).  The change is of course, controversial, it is the Internet after all.  A Gearbox employee on the official forums has addressed the issue, confirming the game has undergone a graphical overhaul.

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Hellgate London Fails to Relaunch in West

If you were a fan of Hellgate: London (not many were) - then you were probably looking forward to a re-launch of the game in West by the IP owner Hanbitsoft.  The co-op friendly game requires official servers to play on, despite it not quite being an MMO.  So what's the hold up?  Namco Bandai, who owns the rights to the game, is refusing to let it relaunch.  

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Xbox Arcade Games Unleashed On

If I go out and buy a Microsoft points card, one that I will use to purchase Xbox arcade games, there are set amounts that I am required to buy. For instance, if I would like an 800  game, which is equivalent to $10, I am required to buy at least a $20, 1600 card. Or, I could go for a 400 game, with the same point purchase requirement. Along with Xbox DLC, this leaves me with a perpetual balance, that I may, or may not ever fully drain.

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This Week In Co-op: Phoenix Wright

I know what you're thinking: "How are any of the Phoenix Wright games Co-op in any way?" Well, I'm here to share a slightly different co-op adventure. One teaching an absolute non-gamer computer illiterate, how to play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, with a little help, co-op if you will, from my sister. That's right, I spent an afternoon teaching my mother how to play DS.

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