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Fairytales Get Brutal In Fairytale Fights

It would be cliché of me to say I adore Fairytales, simply because I'm female. So, in order to balance that stereotype, I'll be encouraging the general abuse of Fairytale characters and woodland creatures in Fairytale Fights with enthusiasm. Playlogic Entertainment, Inc announced the Hack and Slash style Fairtytale Fights, where players don the role of their favorite Fairytale character to bloody up some bad guys.  

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'Civil War' Storyline Elements in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

The first Marvel Ultimate Alliance game had comic book fans absolutely giddy.  So many classic characters, a huge variety of settings, and stellar co-op gameplay made for a great experience.  If there was one weakness, it was the somewhat random nature of the plot.  Then again, it's hard to argue with a game that lets you use a SHIELD Helicarrier's anti-air cannons against an ancient green dragon named Fin Fang Foom.

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