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Shiny Things In Store For White Knight Chronicles Co-op

Maybe you're like me, and a few months ago you caught a glimpse of White Knight Chronicles in Japan, but wondered what was in store for the US release. The release in Japan was missing a few key things that we seem to need to enjoy the co-op aspects of a game, or needed to be explained in translated terms so we knew what was what. Playstation Blog interviewed the US Producer of White Knight Cronicles, Tsubasa Inaba to find out what we should expect state side.

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Co-Op Casual Friday: X-Men Legends

If you have been watching television, movies, or reading much of anything on the internet lately, you are likely aware that the latest comic book movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, opens today.  It is appropriate, then, for us to look back at the origins of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise.  This series has all the hallmarks of a good Co-Op Casual Friday game: high kid appeal, local multiplayer, and simple gameplay.  The one that started it all for this excellent series of games was X-Men Legends. X-Men Legends came out almost five years ago.  In 2004, the predecessors to the trio of modern consoles were in their heyday, and X-Men Legends was released for each of those systems:Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube .  The X-Men movie franchise had not yet been sullied by the third film (I'm still bitter, even years later).  X-Men Evolution, a successful cartoon series, had ended a good run the year before.  The time was ripe for a good X-Men video game, and X-Men Legends delivered.

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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for April 2009

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