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This Week in Co-Op: Dynasty Warriors Gundam

I have to be quite honest with you: I have a serious weakness for giant robots.  Shogun Warriors, Voltron, and best of all, the Transformers had a profound effect on me as a kid.  This same awe and passion for enormous mechanical automatons has been passed on to my kids.  So, when we saw Dynasty Warriors Gundam playing on a kiosk, it was only a matter of time before we tried it out.  Co-op meets giant robots?  What could be better, right?

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Co-Op Release Alert: Boom Blox Bash Party

Boom Blox Bash Party is coming your way today.  The sequel to last year's creative puzzle waggler will include a greater focus on multiplayer.  That's a nice addtion for fans of co-op!  Exclusive to the Wii, the game is value priced, retailing for a reasonable $40.  Remember that you can get the game at Amazon and support Co-Optimus at the same time.  It's even on sale, for 10% off.  Let the bashing begin!

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Co-Opticast Episode 19: Nick Watches Desperate Housewives

In this installment of The Co-Opticast, we discuss what we've been playing (hint: Hugh Jackman is a hunk), the lack of Campaign co-op in Modern Warfare 2 (with bonus comedy), the fall of 3D Realms, which may or may not actually be a fall, what we think about the state of Rhythm Action (music) games, and what our ideal co-op titles would be. All this, with additional snark, wrapped inside a lovely 45-minute package can be yours- if the price is right!

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