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Terminator Salvation Launch Trailer Pumps You Up

As we told you yesterday, Terminator: Salvation launches today.  To celebrate the game's launch Warnerbros has released a final trailer for the game.  The trailer showcases in game dialog mixed with music and clips of things blowing up in true movie trailer fashion.  The end result is something that should get you pumped up for shooting silver robot dudes with red eyes in the face.

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Games for Windows Live Co-Op Night for May - Dawn of War 2

This month's Games for Windows Co-Op Night we go back to one of our favorites.  Dawn of War 2 from developer Relic is an Action/RTS that puts players in the role of gritty space marines as they take on three different aliens in an epic battle for survival.  The entire campaign is playable in co-op - and we have the perfect night to meet up with friends to do just that.

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