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Co-Opticast Episode 17: Army of Two: Army of Three

In our most action packed episode ever, Mike and Nick are joined by Andrew "TrackZero" Hodder to discuss this week's co-op news, what defines co-op (to us), and the Army of Two: The Fortieth Day Community Day! GTA: Chinatown Wars is reviewed and we wax nostalgic as we discuss remakes we'd love to see happen. What are you waiting for? Hit the podcast page to listen!

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Co-Optimus' Own Billy the Robot Appears in Transformers 2 Game (No, Not Really)

As a huge Transformers fan, I had mixed feelings about the game for the first Transformers movie.  Graphically, it was amazing.  The destructible environments, the transformations, the open world aspects, these were all quite enjoyable.  Unfortunately, the gameplay was horrid, extremely repetitive, and a total mess.  I ask you, how can a game about giant robots that transform into cars and tanks turn out so boring?

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Ghostbusters Wii Trailer

The onlsaught of Ghostbusters media continues, with a brand new trailer hitting the interwebs today for the two player split screen co-op Wii version.  The trailer emphasizes the style and light hearted nature of the Wii version of the game which hits stores shelves on June 19th.

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