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New 360 Platinum Hits Titles are $19.99, New Box Art Too

Microsoft has announced a fresh batch of their platinum hits titles with very wallet friendly pricing.  Most titles will set you back $19.99, while a few still hover around the $29.99 mark.  There's also some fancy smancy new packaging available for these titles, so it's easy to distinguish between the normal priced titles and these.

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This Week In Co-op: Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Going through stacks of games for something old to play with someone new can deliver up some awesome experiences. But, in order to mix things up in the replay department I tend to suggest a cranked-up difficulty, which was the case recently with Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. With Marvel: UA, the hard difficulty mode has to be unlocked by completing the game, and is probably not explored by many people.

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Space Invaders Extreme Co-Op Review

The 8-Bit aliens return in all their HD glory, complete with thumping techno soundtrack and four player cooperative mode.  We blast off and take a look at the latest iteration of the Space Invaders franchise for the Xbox Live.

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Countdown To The Killing Floor

Who's ready to mop the floor with some terrifying "Specimen" in the exciting new first person shooter/survival horror game, The Killing Floor? Oh, did we mention it was actually built around the bare essentials of co-op? Hopefully we have the attention of PC first person shooter fans, so here's the 411 on The Killing Floor.

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