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Star Wars Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Will Be Storming The Galaxy

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is becoming one of the most recognized Star Wars brands, with it's beautiful stylization that allows us to look past the poor CGI of the prequel films. Knowing this, we at Co-optimus are happy to see a Clone Wars style video game, featuring 8 playable Jedi, and 10 playable Clones with 2 player drop-in, drop-out co-op! Star Wars Clone Wars: Republic Heroes will have an original storyline, as well as some slick looking gameplay. To match the stylization of the visuals, the game will feature some new playing "styles" of it's own, making it one of the more unique Star Wars action games around.

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Co-op Deal: Gears Of War 2: Combustible Map Pack

In this weeks "Deal of the Week" on Xbox 360, the Gears of War 2: Combustible Map Pack will take a nice price cut. If you've been waiting to unleash some awesome in the Combustible map packs new levels, wait no longer. Normally 800, Xbox LIVE Gold Members will only have to fork over 560 this week! The Combustible Map Pack features 3 new stages, Flood, Gold Rush, and Fuel Station.  

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Co-op Intact In Perfect Dark For XBLA

Sometimes the words "digitally remastered" is like music to our ears, especially in the case of our Nintendo 64 classics! This time, we've got the original Perfect Dark on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, thanks to Rare and Microsofts team up. Perfect Dark has an updated, smoothed out frame rate, as well as being rendered in high definition. Joanna Dark would be proud, as long as it's not all just another one of those galactic conspiricies.

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PixelJunk Shooter Co-op Is Full Of Lava Hot Fun

Pixeljunk, a name in innovation and original content is bringing us something original, and innovative. Out of this latest Pixeljunk news, we get Pixeljunk Shooter, a co-op side-scrolling shooter that we can't narrow down to a type of game to compare it to. You are a ship of sorts, changing an environment by shooting rocks to blend lava and water together to make usable terrain, while saving miners stuck in these underground caverns. Given a certain quota of miners to save in each level, it's a good idea not to drown or boil them to death.

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