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Co-Op Casual Friday: Donkey Konga

Rhythm games are among the best for a non-traditional gamer to pick up and play.  Guitar Hero and Rock Band have certainly proved this to be true.  It's hard to imagine, but there were music games before Guitar Hero, and we'll be talking about one fine example of these games today.  Grab a bongo drum controller, and let's check out Donkey Konga. Donkey Konga was released in 2004.  That's the Mesozoic Age as far as music and rhythm games are concerned.  The gameplay elements and the controller itself are very simple, especially when compared to modern titles.  You might think this would make the game less appealing.  However, when it comes to getting casual players, or even non-gamers, involved, Donkey Konga is still the game to beat (pun intended). Consider the Donkey Konga peripheral, the DK Bongos.  Two barrel shaped bongo drums, a few buttons, and a controller plug are all there is to it.  There are no drum sticks, fret buttons, or anything else to worry about.  The learning curve is nice and shallow as far as using the controller is concerned.  In addition to the drums, there is a microphone in the DK Bongos, which is used to detect claps during gameplay.  Hit and drum, and clap; that's it, and really, that's all you need to have a great time.

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Beatles Game Officially Named, Priced, and Dated

Guitar Hero may have Aerosmith and Metallica, but Harmonix went straight to the top for their first band-branded title.  The game's title is simple, effective, and now official: The Beatles: Rock Band.  According to the game's website, we can look forward to playing Beatles tunes at home on 09/09/09.  The standalone version of the game will retail for the standard $60, guitars will set you back $100, and the bundle will be available for $250.  If those prices seem high, consider this quote.

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Project Aftershock - An Indy Co-Op Racer

I'm a big fan of indy games, they generally offer something unique and fresh.  And every once in a while a game comes around that looks completely standout features and quality.  Project Aftershock is a multiplayer Sci-Fi racing game set in the future. Massive earthquakes were occurring all over the globe and destroyed most of earth’s major cities.

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