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Lord of the Rings: Conquest Demo Now Available

Ever since our in-depth preview that included some hands-on time by Mike, our hopes have been high for Lord of the Rings: Conquest. Even though Pandemic apparently removed two players from the four-player co-op campaign, Pandemic's last two battlefield-style outings -- Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefront II) -- allowed enough AI on the playing field at one time that players could band together and play multiplayer matches as co-op partners. Conquest looks like it will be no different: the Live page for the game indicates that up to four players can play splitscreen.

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Happy New Year

We just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  2008 was a great year for and cooperative gaming, and we are even more excited about 2009! 

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December Co-Op Monthly Round-up

Here is the final roundup for 2008.  Despite December being somewhat of a slow month we put out a slew of great content for everyone.  Be sure to check out some of the links below to see what you may have missed!

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White Knight Chronicles Information Extravaganza

I've been in love with White Knight Chronicles since I first heard of it.  Now that the game has launched in Japan, we can read some actual, hands-on experiences from those who have played the game.  1UP's preview is especially detailed.  It appears that the main story mode, featuring the enormous robotic warrior we've seen so much of, is just half the experience.  The remainder will be the 4 player online co-op mode.  While playing online, your avatar is the main story mode's character's companion.  You have full control of creating this characters look in the robust creation tools.  All in all, the game plays much like an MMO.

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The 2008 Co-Op Game of the Year Awards

 It's been a crazy and interesting year.  We launched some 11 months ago with two goals in mind - promote co-op gaming and provide co-op gaming information.  Since that time co-op gaming has gone from a bullet point on the back of a box to the main feature promoted by publishers at press conferences.  In total there were over 100 co-op games released this year,  and that my friends is pretty damn awesome.  As the staff looked back over the list it was pretty clear what the standout titles were, but that didn't make the decision any easier for choosing our Co-Op Game of the Year.   

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