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Resident Evil 5 Requires a 5GB Install on the PS3

Just a quick PSA - if you are planning on snagging Resident Evil 5 this Friday on the PlayStation 3, you might want to make sure you have enough free space on your drive as the game is going to require a 5GB install to get up and running.  It would be quite embarrassing to try to set up a co-op session with a buddy only to have to say - "sorry dude, I gotta clear up some hard drive space."

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Castle Crashers Developers Unveiling Game #3 Soon

The Behemoth, makers of the ridiculously awesome four player co-op Castle Crashers, have announced that they are announcing their new game; aptly titled Game #3 on March 18th.  Got that?  The developers are announcing and announcement which is actually a video of a game that's yet to be announced.

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Burnout Paradise Co-Op Review

Burnout Paradise is the game for this month's official X-Box Live Co-Op Night.  Though the game has been out a while, it has had several updates recently. We never reviewed it here at Co-Optimus... until now.  How does the co-op stack up?

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