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Did Peter Molyneux Reveal The Future In Fable II DLC?

With the announcement of Fable II's DLC, titled See the Future, Lionhead Studios' Peter Molyneux couldn't resist giving a statement. The DLC title suggests two things. First, Theresa, the Seer character, will be worth keeping an eye on, since her job is 'unveiling the future.' And second, there is likely a bright future for the Fable franchise itself. So, what did Peter Molyneux have to say about it?  

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Patapon 2 Goes Download Only

Sony plans to launch Patapon 2, a four player co-op game for the PSP, on May 5th in the United States.  The game, released earlier this year in Japan on UMD, is going to be available via digital distribution channels only confirmed Kotaku. 

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New Dawn of War 2 Patch is Live

There's a new patch available for Dawn of War 2 on the PC, bringing the game's version up to 1.21.  There aren't any co-op specific fixes in the patch, other than a few achievement glitches, but that doesn't mean it's not good to be up to date.

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Creepiness Abounds in Dead Space Extraction Gameplay Footage

Dead Space Extraction has us intrigued.  First of all, the previous Dead Space game was fairly well received, though unfortunately it was single player only.  Secondly, the announcement of the game was a bit unclear.  Was it a straight port of the previous game?  Could the graphics capabilities of the Wii keep up?  Finally, Dead Space Extraction was revealed as a two person co-op "on the rails" style shooter.  This announcement caused some controversy, and many lost faith that Extraction would live up to the quality level of the first game.

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