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Co-Op Couples: This is Why I Married You

Co-Op Couples can blossom anytime of the day, any week of the year, and any season of life. Sometimes the gamer in all of us is apparent from the start of a relationship; other times it comes crashing into a seasoned marriage without warning. This latest Co-Op Couples is for the amusement of the married among us...and the anticipation of those who aren't yet.

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House of the Dead Overkill Co-Op Review

Whenever I'm around an arcade, I will gladly forfeit a few quarters to blast some Zombies in the face with any of the House of the Dead games. Since arcades are getting harder to find, I was excited to see the Wii's light gun like capabilities put to good use with the House of the Dead 2&3 combo pack. Even more recently I was excited to see the new Wii exclusive story based House of the Dead: Overkill.

by Nick Puleo 0
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Crackdown 1.5 Rumors Persist as More Team Members Join Ruffian Studios

I was pretty surprised last night when I signed onto Xbox Live and joined a party of folks playing Crackdown.  Three separate co-op groups were playing and I wondered if I missed some memo.  How did this impromptu session of one of the most fun co-op games start? They said it only took one person playing before the rest wanted to join in, that just shows the longevity and great co-op fun that game has.  They wanted more!

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Dawn of War 2 Co-Op Review

The epic battle of a band of space marines against seemingly insurmountable odds, Dawn of War 2 is a unique combination of an RTS and an RPG.  We dig deep into the game's two player co-op campaign to find out just who will be the last race standing.  Our review is right ahead.

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