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Space Siege Co-Op Night

It's time for our next Games for Windows Co-Op Night - and this month we have the four player co-op RPG Space Siege from Gas Powered Games.  Want to find out how you can join us and some of the developers on February 17th?  Want to win a copy of the game?  Read on! 

by Katrina Pawlowski 2
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Halo Wars Detailed Demo impressions

This month has been a big one for high profile demo releases, one of which is Halo Wars. Of course, the Halo franchise means different things to different people – but the direction Halo Wars has gone is most interesting to me. Taking a best selling first person shooter, and changing the scale, and style of game so it's barely recognizable...well, there were bound to be some thoughts on it.  Thankfully they didn't drop Halo's staple of having co-op.

by Marc Allie 0

Co-Op Release Alert: House of the Dead, Onechanbra Bikini Cowboy Hats

Check out those ESRB ratings: M, M, M.  I'm pretty sure this is the only week ever where three different M-rated co-op titles were released.  House of the Dead Overkill continues a fine line of co-op shooters, this time on the Wii.  And the Onechanbara games... well, what can you say?  Girls in bikinis, katanas, zombies, and a very large cowboy hat all mixed up into two quite unique co-op gaming packages.  You have to give them credit for creativity, for sure.  Provided below, for your ease of use, are handy links to for each game; purchases help support Co-Optimus!

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