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You Won't Last Long in Left 4 Dead's Survival Mode DLC

IGN was lucky enough to have some quality hands on time with the upcoming Left 4 Dead DLC called the Survival Pack.  The content launches this spring for the PC and Xbox 360 for the low low price of FREE, and includes a brand new co-op mode called survival.  The challenge of the mode is to take on endless waves of the undead horde and survive as long as possible.  Think you have what it takes to survive 5, 10, even 15 minutes?  Think again.  

by Jim McLaughlin 5

Co-Op Couples: This is Why I Married You

Co-Op Couples can blossom anytime of the day, any week of the year, and any season of life. Sometimes the gamer in all of us is apparent from the start of a relationship; other times it comes crashing into a seasoned marriage without warning. This latest Co-Op Couples is for the amusement of the married among us...and the anticipation of those who aren't yet.

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House of the Dead Overkill Co-Op Review

Whenever I'm around an arcade, I will gladly forfeit a few quarters to blast some Zombies in the face with any of the House of the Dead games. Since arcades are getting harder to find, I was excited to see the Wii's light gun like capabilities put to good use with the House of the Dead 2&3 combo pack. Even more recently I was excited to see the new Wii exclusive story based House of the Dead: Overkill.

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