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Treyarch Provides PC Mod Tools for Call of Duty: World at War

  Say what you will about some of Treyarch's past endeavors, but there's no denying that given a robust game engine and art assets, even a hit-or-miss developer can make a solid game. Now you can have access, too! Graceful as ever, Treyarch is putting free mod tools in the hands of PC World at War players. The download clocks in at 1...

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Halo Wars Gets a Release Date

Microsoft has announced a release date for Ensemble Studios final project, Halo Wars.  There's something odd about the worldwide release dates, namely, the rest of the world is going to get the game before North America.  Without further delay:  

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Great Moments in Co-Op: Getting the Junker in Gears of War

As you might be noticing, you are reading an article…by me…on a Monday. Well, today marks the debut of “Great Moments in Co-Op,” a sort of bite-sized article that will be featured every Monday. This article will not be as long as other articles, partially because like most of you, I don’t function well on Mondays. So, we have a nice little article that will make your case of the Mondays hopefully go away. Also, take note, there will be spoilers in most of these articles, but normally they are from the first half of games. So read on at your own risk.

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Rock Band 2 Gets Fresh With Lips

See those pretty, blinged-out, wireless mics above?  They are the included peripherals for our own Bapenguin's favorite music game, Lips.  Wouldn't it be awesome to use them in Rock Band 2?  Thanks to the hard working folks over at Harmonix, it's going to happen, and soon.  Imagine being able to have all wireless instruments, and a wireless mic as well!  Perhaps we could play some Rock Band without having the cat go spastic and attacking the wires.  Just make sure your batteries are all charged.  It's great to see Harmonix's commitment to music game peripheral compatibility.  We'll let you know when the patch is released so you can pucker up and belt our your favorite tunes in spangly, sequined style!

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Sacred 2 Co-Op Review

We take Sacred 2: Fallen Angel in the co-op-mobile for a spin around the Action RPG block.  It's the sequel to one of the surprise Action/RPG hits on the PC in the past few years, and it's bigger, better and more co-op.  Read on for our review.

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New XBox Promotion brings Harmony to Gold and Silver Members

Microsoft has launched the Friendship is Free program this month, allowing Xbox Live Silver members to play multiplayer with Goooooooold Member (pictured above) friends on certain games.  Unfortunately this only applies to arcade game, not retail discs.   The other missed opportunity is despite a huge list of co-op arcade games, there's only two (Keflings and Aegis Wing) available to play in this program.  Playing WITH your friend is more likely to get them to join than against them, no?

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GameDaily HUD: Overloaded

It's been a few weeks since we had a new HUD - this is mostly due to the holidays, but partially due to an overload of games the journalists involved needed to play.  Ironically, that's the topic of the HUD this week, the overcrowded fall. 

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