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Co-Op Casual Friday: Spider-man: Friend or Foe

Spider-man has had a long and generally successful video game career.  Spider-man for the Atari 2600 was an early game based on the web-slinger, and it was quite fun and addicting for the time.  A whole slew of Spidey games followed, for a large variety of game systems.  The Amiga, PC, NES, Game Gear, Game Boy, Genesis, Super Nintendo, and more all had multiple titles, of varying quality.  With the explosion of Spider-man's popularity after the movies, the wise cracking webhead hit the previous generation of consoles, culminating in what in my opinion, is the finest Spider-man game to date, Spider-man 2.

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Halo Wars Vidoc #4 - Reviews Unleashed on Internet

The final vidoc for Halo Wars has been released (Others1, 2, and 3) and this time the video focuses on different gameplay modes, including co-op as well as different tactics.  There's even talk of some interesting tactics players can do in co-op.  For instance, one player is able to manage the economy and just pump money into the other player while the main player focuses on combat.  But really...where's the fun in that?

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