by Mike Katsufrakis 12

Co-Op Mods Alert!

A while back, we wrote an article detailing the Co-Op games listed on Steam, but that was before Valve announced they would begin hosting popular user mods and total conversions on the service.  As chance would have it, a pair of co-op enabled mods have appeared in the games list!

by Nick Puleo 6
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Left 4 Dead Box - Now Pun 4 You

So here's the thing, despite having some of the hottest box art to date, the original Left 4 Dead box was missing something (besides a thumb).  You see, the hand displayed was actually the right hand, not the left.  Missing the obvious pun, the zombie artists have corrected their mistake with a new and improved box. 

by Marc Allie 3

Friends, Romans, Countrymen: How 'Bout Some Gears?

Gears of War is the perennial champion of co-op games in our database, with an impressive rating of 4.3 stars, with 95 votes.  Even by another name, it would still be sweet.  It's understandable, then, that news of the upcoming sequel is to us, like a light breaking through yonder window.  First off, scans of the manual have popped up, full of the stuff that dreams are made on.  There's not a lot of new info here, but still, seeing an entire section about chainsaw duels has us thinking such thoughts as would make one get to a nunnery. 

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