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Win Microsoft Points from Coke, Sugar High at No Extra Charge

When asked if you would like something free, you would be insane to say anything except “yes, please!” Coke has just joined forces with Microsoft to make such an offer, with free Microsoft points to be spent on anything Microsoft points would be redeemed for. Over three million (that means, LOTS as far as we're concerned) points will be given away through the Happiness Factory promo on Xbox Live.

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What's in the Box? A Valve Project Viral Video?

The above capture is from a viral video making its way around the internet.  The video is title What's in the Box, and appears to be part of a viral campaign from Valve.  Why?  There's a lot of similarities with the style of the shots and look of the video with that of their games, especially ones in the Half-Life universe.  In fact, many of the sound effects used in the video are directly from Half-Life 2

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Battlefield Report: March 19th, 2012

The Co-Optimus Battlefield Report is a new monthly column that will feature team-based and co-op military action games. This month we debut with a fond recap of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, a solid game that our community has fallen back on time and time again. Send your favorite tales of co-op and team warfare to our tips line for future columns!

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Deadspace Extraction Screens and Preview

Deadspace Extraction is the upcoming Wii version of last years hit survival horror game from Electronic Arts.  While the original Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game was a third person shooter, the Wii version will play like an on rails shooter.  While some may balk at it, the game does support 2 player co-op, as evidence by the screen above.  Speaking of screens, the folks at Cinema Blend have gotten their hands on a few new screenshots and concept art for the game.

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Songbird gives Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Wings

Just when Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 started to fade out of mainstream press, Songbird makes a curtain call that reminds us that Ultimate Alliance is still here, and working harder than ever to bring us a beautiful co-op experience.  Visually, we've seen a lot of Hero screenshots.  But, this time, some of the art developers come out to play, and share a little bit about this little birdie.

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