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Beyond Co-Op Reviews: March 2009

As spring nears, a lot of great video game titles are released. And sometimes, yes sometimes, they don't include co-op. Every month we cover some of the titles you may have missed in the video game industry with our Beyond Co-Op Reviews.

by Nick Puleo 2

Co-Op Makes Gaming Better

It should come as no surprise to many readers of this site that co-op gaming makes any game much better.  And not only does it make a normal game something extraordinary, it adds longevity as well as meta games to them simply by the nature of itself.  The folks over at Platform Nation have recently had the same epiphany - yes folks - co-op gaming friggin rules.  

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New GI Joe Screenshots

There's still not much information in the way of the upcoming GI Joe games from EA.  We know they'll have some local co-op action, so you and a friend can argue exactly who gets to be Snake Eyes.  Other than that, we know it's based on the upcoming live action movie of the same name.

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