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Entire Guitar Hero Metallica Song List Revealed

It's not often we get to put up a link to Metallica's website, but that's our source for this news item.  We'd previously reported a rumored list of songs for the upcoming Metallica-centric Guitar hero title, but now we have it straight from the horses mouth.  If you like Metallica, you'd like the list.  I'm a fan, and I'll probably be picking it up at some point, as my love for "Battery" is greater than my dislike for giving Activision my money.  Also, "Fuel" is one of the songs, and my son, as a toddler, sang that song like this: "Gimme food, gimme fries, gimme something on the side!!"  I feel that memory is funny enough that I just have to pick that same song up in rhythm game form! 

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"Halo Wars" has Gone Gold

Microsoft has announced that Halo Wars has gone gooooooooold and will be ready for its late February release.  Halo Wars for the Xbox 360 is Ensemble Studios last game, and features a "ground breaking control scheme" for a console RTS.  

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Co-Op Casual Friday: Super Mario Galaxy

The new column has a name!  It seems totally obvious in hindsight, but what better title could there be for a series dedicated to the casual gamer that happens on Fridays?  Congratulations to Co-Optimus reader "roland", who won our "Name the New Co-Op Column" contest.  He'll get a brand spanking new copy of casual-friendly title Rock Band 2 for the Xbox 360 and a set of the critically acclaimed Co-Optimus stickers!  Read on to find our thoughts on a colorful, family friendly title for the Wii! It was a bit difficult to pick the first game to cover for Co-Op Casual Friday.  When I was writing the review for Mortimer Beckett, I thought perhaps that game would be appropriate.  But it's too close to the date of the review, and I know you want new content.  I even thought about Lips, which was a huge hit with non-gamers in my family.   However, I really wanted to cover something for the Wii , the system that has earned the casual console crown this generation.  I decided to save it for later, so for now, the Lips are sealed.  (Ba domp BOMP!)  I wanted something big, surprising, and still appealing to the kiddies as well.  So, I chose one of the finest titles available for the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy.

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Layoffs are NOT Co-Op

I'm going to officially declare January as the worst month in the history of the gaming industry in terms of employment.  By my count there have been over 10 separate instances of job loss with over 30,000 people having lost or about to lose their job.  

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