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Co-Op Couples: Trading Aces

Being a couple is tough enough. Being a Co-Op Couple is near impossible. Thankfully, our latest feature reiterates the importance of being as selfless as possible, but without becoming an "Our Home Plays Co-Op" doormat.  

by Nick Puleo 19
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Halo Wars Demo Now Live

The time has come...the Halo Wars demo has finally hit Xbox Live for Gold Members.  Could this finally be a console RTS that gets the control scheme right?  The demo weighs in at 1.4GB and sports two tutorial missions and two campaign missions for the USNC.  Also available is one skirmish map to play against the AI or online.

by Marc Allie 11
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This Week in Co-Op: Halo 3

This past week, our corner of the world (Southwest Missouri, USA) was hit by a pretty nasty ice/snow combo.  Our school was closed, which meant that my whole family was "stuck" at home for four straight days.  Don't you feel bad for me?  As you can imagine, there was a lot of video gaming going on.  The first priority was finishing off the campaign in Gears of War 2.  However, we did that on the first day (and it was awesome, for sure).  So, digging through the game drawer, we came upon another game we had only half-finished: Halo 3.  And so, taking on the role of "Master Halo and the Alien Guy", as named by my seven year old, we embarked on the co-op quest. You might be wondering how any self respecting gamer hasn't finished the fight by now.  Well, let me explain.  First of all, I'm not sure how respectable I am as a gamer anyway.  Second, anytime we played Halo 3 before, I got weird motion sickness and splitting headaches after playing for about half an hour.  For some reason, the game didn't affect me as much this time around.  Maybe I'm just getting used to shooters, what with all my time spent in Left 4 Dead and Gears 2.  Headaches or not, Halo 3 was the answer for keeping the snow days from becoming boring.

by Katrina Pawlowski 4
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You'll Never be Damned in the Co-Op Mode of Damnation

It's really no secret, we know you've been logging away hours on Gears of War 2, and want something fresh but similar to feast on. So - what if I told you that Codemasters, the creators of some interesting sleeper hits, such as Overlord, and Rise of the Argonauts, has announced a game that boasts to be similar to Gears of War 2, but let you wear more cowboy hats and draw pistols Wild West style? You know you're at least a bit curious.

by Marc Allie 0

GH World Tour Drumset Available Seperately on Feb. 15

If you recall, our review of Guitar Hero World Tour was somewhat mixed.  The game itself was slightly disappointing when compared to Rock Band 2, but the hardware, particularly the drum set, was quite a bit nicer than the Harmonix offering.  Perhaps you've been wanting to try the GH drums out, but couldn't justify buying the bundled microphone and guitar controller too.  Your lucky day is coming, on February 15th to be exact.

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