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Co-Op Classics: Duke Nukem 3D

A few weeks back, we had a contest, giving away three copies of Duke Nukem on XBLA.  A nice bonus for the winners was the promise of playing co-op Duke Nukem 3D with the Co-Optimus staff.  Last Saturday night, one of the winners got together with us for some old school, one-liner spoutin' action.  Since Duke Nukem is such a classic, and features co-op, it's only natural that our report on the action would be the topic of this week's Co-Op Classics.

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Army of Two Movie In The Works

  Earlier, we heard wind of an Army of Two sequel coming down the tubes. Now, it seems that Electronic Arts will capitalize further on the underappreciated co-op game with a movie. Universal Pictures will distribute the big-budget film, and is fast-tracking to start full production in 2009, with Scott Stuber producing in the first partnersh...

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Gears of War 2 "Last Day" Trailer

Yahoo Games is hosting an exclusive video for Gears of War 2.  Some of you may remember the Mad World commercial from the first game; in the same sense that Gears 2 is a sequel, so is the "Last Day" commercial.  While the ad is premiering on Yahoo, it will see a worldwide television launch starting November 2nd with Monday Night Football on ESPN.  From there expect to see the commercial on FOX, FX, MTV, and the Sci-Fi Channel.  

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Penny Arcade on Little Big Planet Delay

Penny Arcade is normally a good source of critical coverage of gaming news, even though they are first and foremost a webcomic. However, they normally are able to combine critical analysis and fun webcomic goodness. An example of this is their recent comic about Little Big Planetand its delay. In the comic, they remark that the inclusion of a song with lyrics from the Qur'an is not nearly as bad as the kind of stuff that the online commuity will come up with.

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