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Sacred 2 Co-Op Review

We take Sacred 2: Fallen Angel in the co-op-mobile for a spin around the Action RPG block.  It's the sequel to one of the surprise Action/RPG hits on the PC in the past few years, and it's bigger, better and more co-op.  Read on for our review.

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New XBox Promotion brings Harmony to Gold and Silver Members

Microsoft has launched the Friendship is Free program this month, allowing Xbox Live Silver members to play multiplayer with Goooooooold Member (pictured above) friends on certain games.  Unfortunately this only applies to arcade game, not retail discs.   The other missed opportunity is despite a huge list of co-op arcade games, there's only two (Keflings and Aegis Wing) available to play in this program.  Playing WITH your friend is more likely to get them to join than against them, no?

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GameDaily HUD: Overloaded

It's been a few weeks since we had a new HUD - this is mostly due to the holidays, but partially due to an overload of games the journalists involved needed to play.  Ironically, that's the topic of the HUD this week, the overcrowded fall. 

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Billy's Holiday Gift Guide for PC

The final edition of Billy's advice for gifting has arrived!  Our Holiday Guides are the most important, for one simple reason: if you give a co-op game, chances are, you'll get to play it!  That really makes the joy of giving just that much better, doesn't it?  Here's our list of the best co-op titles available for the PC, and this time, it's a special All Holiday Movie Edition!

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Brand New LOTR: Conquest Trailer and In Game Footage

We've got two videos today from the upcoming Lord of the Rings title, Conquest, from Pandemic studios.  The first video showcases almost 6 minutes of Gameplay footage as well as an interview with studio director Eric Gewirtz.  The really cool thing about this video?  It's taken from the Evil campaign in the game and it shows the player in control of a Balrog, in the shire, killing Ents and Hobbits.  How do you like them apples you old gaffer?

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Co-Op Classics: The Punisher

Today, a new Punisher film hits the theaters.  By my count, that makes three.  The latest movie is Dolph Lungren free, but certainly looks nice and violent, as befits the character.  Back in the early 90s, the Punisher was quite popular in the comics.  Following on the heels of the X-Men arcade game (why isn't that on XBLA and PSN yet, anyway?) came a video game adaptation of Frank Castle, the Punisher himself.  Big guns, big explosions, carnage and mayhem on a grand scale, and to top it all off, you could team up with a friend who played as an awesome special guest character.  Today, we'll revisit this Marvel comics-based Co-Op Classic.  

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Our Weekend in Gaming

The weekend is upon us!  With so many great games to play, and the weather beginning to get cold outside, it's a perfect time to stay inside - keep warm and game!  Here's what the Co-Optimus staff plans to do this weekend.

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Resident Evil 5 Demo On Japanese Xbox Marketplace, Here's how to Get It

Shhh...I have a secret.  All those guys on the dirtbikes up there?  Yeah, they're rushing off to Xbox Live to download the recently released Resident Evil 5 Co-Op Demo.  Bad news for them, they won't find it.  Nope, they're heading the wrong way.  It's not on the US Marketplace or the European one.  Instead the devious forces at Capcom and Microsoft have hidden it deeply inside a mysterious place called Japan, a land filled with fat men in diapers and a tall rich bald white guy that the natives fear.

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