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Diablo III Barbarian and Wizard Talents Revealed

To say that we've been following the news regarding Diablo III closely is a bit of an understatement.  The game looks to be awesome, no doubt about it, whether you're a fan of rainbows, shadows, or something in between.  Some new information regarding the talent trees for two of the classes has been revealed, and the folks over at Diablo3X have a nice preview for each tree.  The barbarian tree can be found here, and the wizard information is right here.

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Co-Optimus is now Tweeting..err..on Twitter

In an effort to continue our plans for world networking, we've launched our very own Twitter Feed today!  If you don't know what Twitter's kind of hard to explain.  It's like a cross between blog posts and status messages.  It's an insanely popular service used by anyone.  Seriously, there are corporate CEOs that use the service and of course there are 10 year olds.  

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Resident Evil 5 Site Launches Featuring Co-Op Content

Capcom has announced the relaunch of a brand new Resident Evil website, focusing on the upcoming 2 player co-op survival horror game Resident Evil 5.  The new site features screenshots, concept arts, wallpapers, and of course videos.  There's even a dedicated section for co-op specific videos showing off the game's two lead character cooperatively blowing zombie brains apart.  

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Lips Track Listing and Co-Op Info

Music and Karaoke fans can sing with joy.  Microsoft's singing and rhythm game Lips is set for release next month for the Xbox 360.  The game will feature over 40 songs (posted after the break) as well as support downloadable tracks and even the ability to import your own DRM free music from many different portable media devices.  It should be noted that the "sing along" mode doesn't actually put the words up on the screen or anything like that, it appears to be more like singing while driving your car kinda thing.  Still cool in my book.

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Giant Resistance 2 Ad Scares Small Children, Office Workers

With 8 player co-op title Resistance 2 a short few weeks away, the marketing campaign has kicked up in a BIG way.  The above picture is for a building size ad for the game featured in download Los Angeles.  Luckily no office workers were harmed in the making of said ad, though a few screamed in fear before having their morning coffee.

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Win a Copy of Fable 2 - Are you Evil or Good?

Poor Billy.  He's looking for a co-op partner in Fable 2.  You see, his friend's list is empty - so he has no fancy orbs floating around.  For shame.  But you fine Co-Optimus readers can help him.  Despite any issues we have with what state the co-op play is in, the bottom line is the Fable 2 is still a damn fine game, and the cooperative play is tons of fun.  

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