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Valhalla Knights 2 Co-Op Trailer

Valhalla Knights 2 hits the PlayStation Portable this week, and if you are in the mood for some co-op RPG goodness on Sony's portable, look no further than this game.  Now I'll admit, the "co-op trailer" isn't so much of a trailer as it is some actual gameplay footage.  And by gameplay we mean two people running around opening up treasure chests - but we'll take what we can get. 

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The Co-Op Games of Steam

We'll be honest, a lot of the co-op games we cover are on consoles.  The truth is that there's also plenty of really good co-op games out on the PC.  Some of the all time classics like Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, and Diablo are all PC franchises.  As digital distribution gets more and more popular, it's becomes easier to find, purchase and play these games.  One of the most popular and well received of these platforms is Valve's Steam.  Today, we bring you the list of some of the best co-op games available on the Steam.

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New Guitar Hero:World Tour Mini-game:

If you've been listening to the Co-Opticast, you know that we are big Rock Band fans, and I personally am having serious fun (is that possible?) playing Rock Band 2.  We're equal opportunity rockers, though, and look forward to the upcoming release of Guitar Hero: World Tour as well.  However, it seems the most highly anticipated feature of GH:WT, sharing user created content, is going to be effectively neutered.  Check out this quote from 1UP's interview with two of the bigwigs over at Neversoft.  1UP asks what happens when some fan creates the guitar track for "Stairway to Heaven" (and you know they will):

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Gamecom 777 Headset Review

Co-Op gaming is all about communication, and in the age of high speed networks and premium online services it's all about voice communication.  The need for a good headphone and microphone combination for PC gamers is critical not only for cooperative gaming, but for team based gaming as well.  With so many headsets on the market it may be tough to decide where your money should go; thankfully Co-Optimus is here to help with our first hardware review.  Up first is the Gamecom 777 Headset from Plantronics.

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Co-Op Classics: Captain America and the Avengers

It's no secret that I am a comic book superhero fan.  Superhero games, then, are usually quite enjoyable for me.  Lego Batman came out just this past week; we picked it up, and love it.  Over the summer, for a Co-Op night, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was the game of choice, and I was happy.  Way back in the first Co-Op Classics, we looked at my all time favorite, X-Men: The Arcade Game.   This gem of a game was even mentioned in the most recent Co-Opticast.  Today, we'll dig a little deeper for a title that wasn't quite so memorable, but was still a favorite of mine: Captain America and the Avengers. When I was growing up, I was a bit of a Marvel zombie.  Batman and Superman were just not my cup of tea, and the Marvel books were just way more interesting, during the 80s, at least.  I collected and still own large runs of Iron Man, Thor, the Avengers (East and West Coast!) and all the crossovers I could get my hands on.  So, one day back in 1991, when I saw this brand new arcade game, I just about freaked out and ran to the change machine.

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Beyond Co-Op: Week 3

Beyond Co-Op is where we talk about other news around the industry that isn’t necessarily tied to co-operative gaming. Each week will see the subjects of the column listed on the front page with more in-depth discussion after the break. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at with a subject related to “Beyond Co-Op”.

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Fable 2 Missing Online Co-Op At Launch

In what appears to be another stab to the heart and a growing trend in console games, the Gamerscore Blog has announced that Fable 2 will be without online co-op from day 1.  According to Lionhead the online component wasn't quite ready to go at launch, but the plans are to have a patch out "within the first week of launch."  If you remember, Fable 2 was promised to have a unique co-op mode in which players would see floating orbs representing their friends in the game world.  To start a co-op session they'd simply need to walk up to the orb to send the invite or join their world.

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