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Beyond Co-Op: Week 1

Welcome to the initial post of a column we like to call Beyond Co-Op. This is a column where we talk about other news around the industry that isn’t necessarily tied to co-operative gaming. Each week will see the subjects of the column listed on the front page with more in-depth discussion after the break.  Lets face it, we are all gamers that simply love games, co-op or not.  There's plenty of stuff going on around the industry that we can cover; so why not do it?

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Ultra Top Secret Gears of War 2 Footage Revealed

Oh, happy day.  You know you've always secretly been jealous of the elite, the upper crust, the aristocracy.  For today, for just a little while, you can live the dream, and pretend that you are a member of that most secretive and elite group: the GameStop manager.  With this boost in status comes benefits and privileges beyond compare, namely, access to an exclusive Gears of War 2 video presented at a GameStop manager's meeting.  Trust us, many Bothans died to bring us this information.  You can check out the exclusive footage here, or find it after the jump.

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Setlist Revealed - Overlap?

It may be the weekend of Rock Band 2's release for Xbox 360, but that doesn't mean the competition has to stay quiet.  The complete setlist for Guitar Hero: World Tour has been revealed.  Some real gems are found there: "Hotel California", "Hey Man, Nice Shot", and (yes I love cheese) "Beat It".  Plus, a full three tunes from Tool, and some Hendrix.  (About that last one: it took until the seventh GH game to get Hendrix?  Unacceptable.)  Probably the most interesting thing is the amount of overlap with Rock Band's tracks, either on disc or DLC.  A full sixteen songs out of the 86 on the list will already be available by the time GH:WT is released on October 26. 

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GameDaily HUD - Week 5

The next week of the HUD is upon us, and this time the folks at AOL have something new up their sleeve.  Not only is the first question different, but there's a special guest writer!  Trina from guests this week along with the 9 other sexy jouranlists. 

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Co-Op Classics: A Trip to the Arcade, Part One

Co-Op Classics is going to be a bit different this week, and next.  Rather than selecting one classic game, we'll have a much broader focus.  I have a unique opportunity this evening, and in a sense, it's a bit like going into a Delorean, hitting 88 MPH, and going back in time, to my childhood.  I'll be taking a car full of teenagers to a real life honest to goodness arcade.  My eldest son turns 14 today, and like any good gamer, he chose to spend his birthday playing video games with his friends.  This week, I'll talk about the games featured at this arcade, and next week I'll have mini-reviews for each game, plus some pictures of the "co-opery".

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Too Human Selling Not Too Bad

We normally try to stay out of the business side of things on Co-Optimus, but I found this story interesting none the less.  According to the NPD, a group that estimates monthly sales based on statistical data in North America, Too Human sold around 170,000 copies in just 2 weeks in August.  This was enough to put the game in the top 10 sold of games behind the 37 versions of Madden (ok, there were 4) and 21 Wii Gimmicks (ok...2...Wii Fit and Wii Play).  The reality is the only other AAA title ahead of Too Human was Soul Calibur IV for the Xbox 360.

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Phantasy Star DS to Have Online Co-Op

Online co-op is becoming the standard for console gaming. However, for handhelds it is still a somewhat untested field. However, Phantasy Star Zero for the DS will be testing the handheld online waters. According to 1up, Sega will be releasing Phantasy Star Zero for the DS in Japan.

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Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise Co-Op Review

The first Viva Pinata was easily the best sandbox games of all time.  But even the sweetest sandbox is no fun without a friend or two to share it with.  That's all been rectified in the games sequel, Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise.  Two players locally and up to four online can all share in one garden.  Should you check the game out?  Find out in our review!

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