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Let the Rhythm Game Wars Begin!

Beat World Tour with a few friends in Rock Band?  Shredded faces with a buddy in Guitar Hero 3?  Lost pounds of water by sweating too much when you challenge your friends is Dance Dance Revolution?  If you have, you likely already have a huge number of peripherals around the house.  In addition to being in the way, those suckers are really expensive.  But hey, at least it's a one time investment right?

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Xbox Live Co-Op Night - Success!

Last night we held our first official Xbox Live Co-Op Night.  The co optimus gamertag quickly filled up before the night even started, so I knew this was going to be something special.  I tried to jump into as many matches as I could, but it was good to see people using the friends of friends feature to find other co-op gamers!

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Fable 2 Has a Secret...shhhh

Fable 2 has been years in the making, but it's only recently that we started to get details of the game's cooperative mode.  We know that the game will support another player in a drop in/drop out fashion on the same console.  We know that this player can have an incredible effect on your game world - killing loved ones for example.  

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More Too Human Co-op Details

Too Human has been quite the popular game in the past few days. We've had an interview with Denis Dyack, some great screenshots, and a nice co-op vid. So, it's not suprising that other sites have their own impressions of the game. 1up has some wonderfully critical impressions, where they both lament the cut from 4 to 2-player co-op, but at the same time welcome the game's similarity to Diablo. IGN also details the game, saying:

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Pop Co-Op: Flop, or Top?

In case you missed it, Nintendo launched their WiiWare service this week.  Wii Ware is Nintendo's answer to Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network in terms of original content.  You won't see arcade remakes here, only original innovative titles using the Wii-mote. 

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Too Human Co-Op Interview

Too Human is a game that's been through a lot.  From its roots on the Playstation, moving to the Gamecube and finally ending up on Microsoft's Xbox 360 it's been a long path.  Being in development that long brings controversy, and Too Human has had its share from bad previews to engine trouble...that's graphic engine trouble.  But co-op fans can rejoice, Too Human is finally almost here!  In fact, in our exclusive interview with Silicion Knights president and lead designer of Too Human, Denis Dyack, we learn of the game's release date.  What's better?   We have all the juicy details regarding the co-op mode!

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