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Exploring the limits of your creativity... and guacamole.

Skylanders Imaginators Co-Op Review

Kaos is back (again), wreaking havoc in the Skylands (again)! It's up to you and your gigantic Rubbermaid bin of figures from the last five years of Skylanders games to stop him! Oh, who am I kidding. You're going to shell out a couple hundred bucks on the new hotness that is Skylanders Imaginators. Perhaps you'll also invest in a nice ...

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The hottest track of 2016.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Civilization Remix ft. Sean Bean

Hello, again!  We've arrived once more at the end of the week, and just in time, too, as Sean Bean's own Civilization VI is finally out.  It seems like most of the Co-Opticrew will be busy with other ventures this weekend, but sooner or later, they'll hear the sweet siren-song of Sid Meier's latest release.  They'll try to resist.  Oh, how they'll try.  But none will be able to withstand it for too long.  I'd estimate that, about three weeks from now, the Weekend in Gaming posts will begin to dwindle as the staff slowly drifts out of reality.  Soon after, we'll assimilate with the Gandhiverse, completing the cyber-ritual and finally deifying Sid Meier.  

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I'm trying to contain myself

Nintendo Releases Video of New Console

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a pivotal moment in gaming that many of us have eagerly been waiting for. After over a year of vigorous rumor and speculation, light has finally been shed on a question that has showered discussion boards and plagued the minds of gamers everywhere: what is the Nintendo NX? Well folks, today we get a glimpse of Nintendo’s next generation console, simply named the Nintendo Switch.

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Gonna inject some NOS into this baby and really get to threshing!

Rock Out With Your Tractor in New Farming Simulator 17 Trailer

What's even better than managing your own farm? How about checking out that sweet new Air Hoe Drill from New Holland Agriculture in your totally rocking garage? The latest trailer for Farming Simulator 17 shows off just a few of the vehicles you'll have at your disposal from name-brand manufacturers like Massey Ferguson, Fendt, and Valtra.

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