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It's so shiny.

And on the 8th Day, Major Nelson Said Let there Be A Headset

Remember all the hub-bub about the Xbox One not coming with a headset? Remember how they also said it wouldn't work with current headsets? Just like Microsoft reversed its decision to support older headsets with an adapter, it appears it has reversed its decision on including a headset. Today Xbox Live's Major Nelson has unboxed the Xbox One console revealing several goodies inside, including a headset.

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Co-Op Now Enabled in the Trial

Scourge: Outbreak Receiving Updates Based on Community Feedback

When we reviewed Scourge: Outbreak, we felt it was missing something. As a game from a small studio with big ambitions, gameplay just felt flat and disconnected. We weren't alone in our concerns for the game and thankfully developer Tragnarion Studios is listening to feedback. A patch is scheduled soon with numerous updates, including some pretty major ones for co-op gamers.

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"I was raised to believe that one man could change the future. Do you believe that?"

Splinter Cell: Blacklist's 'Threat' Trailer Lays On the Suspense

We’ve covered quite a bit of epic trailers on Splinter Cell: Blacklist over the past year, but the latest trailer from Ubisoft dives headfirst into the truly emotional and thrilling storyline. Both Sam Fischer and his partner, Isaac Briggs, work together to take down a secret organization bent on taking the world down with a “list”.

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