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Co-Opticast Episode 96: The Halo 4 Episode

Locke and Nick have a problem. He's 6 foot 7, green, and weighs 400 pounds. His name is Master Chief. There's plenty of Halo 4 talk to go around as we dive into the campaign, Spartan Ops and yes even the competitive multiplayer. We also dive into some news story - including several high profile titles dropping competitive to focus on co-op as well as one company's troubles. Finally we wrap up with some healthy discussion of the Wii U - which launches this weekend. What, you didn't realize that either?

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A bloated, buggy mess

Assassin's Creed 3 Co-Op Review

Assassin's Creed 3 is a milestone for the open world stealth franchise. Desmond's journey through the Animus takes us to an entirely new historical era: Colonial America. Here we will live out the memories of his Native American ancestor, Connor, as the Assassins and Templars do battle in the throes of the American Revolution. There's also a new cooperative Wolf Pack mode, a first for the series. Find out how the franchise embraces co-op in our review.

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Big Money! Big Prizes! I LOVE IT.

Co-Optimus Presents our 2012 Child's Play Charity Raffle

The Child's Play Charity, created by Mike and Jerry of Penny-Arcade, has been something I've personally supported since it's inception.  Like Extra-Life, it's a charity drive that's used to benefit sick children and children's hospitals around the world.  Child's Play has grown from humble beginnings of toy donations to an epic undertaking collecting toys and money for over 70 hospitals worldwide in an effort to give these children an amazing holiday.  Last year Child's Play raised over 3.5 million dollars.  That hopefully brought a lot of smiles.

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A loot chest full of fixes

Borderlands 2 Receives Huge Patch on PC

Gearbox have just released a huge patch for the PC version of Borderlands 2.  The automatic update is applied by restarting Steam.  Various bugs have been fixed, including connectivity issues for co-op, UI issues exclusive to the PC, and several balance issues including some controversial ones to "The Bee."  There's also several enhancements for physics and graphics rendering improving performance for players.

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The new Warface video highlights the co-op play

Warface: It's Good for a Co-op Trailer

Some basic gaming mathematics: Crytek plus Free plus Co-op = Joy!  Warface is the gamefication of this joy, as the free to play 5 player co-op shooter is currently in Beta, but should be on PC for all to play very soon.  The game is designed to reward players for individual skill, but also for teamwork.  Check out the new trailer that highlights the co-operative elements.

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Full Co-Op Mode is Planned for the Future

Guns of Icarus Online Co-Op Clarification and Current State

Guns of Icarus was a web-based game that had an interesting concept and some pretty good co-op components, but it always felt a little lacking in some areas. There was definite promise in the underlying mechanics, though, and Muse Games decided to see if they could make some of that promise a reality by launching a Kickstarter campaign a little while back. The fruit of their efforts was recently released on Steam, though it is not a finished product. Currently, Guns of Icarus Online features team-based deathmatches, and that’s it.

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