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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet has been reduced to 800 MSPs

A Twisted Shadow Planet just got 'Insanely' Cheaper on XBLA

The weekly sales on PSN and XBLA are amongst the highlights of my gaming week.  What will appear this time; a selection of co-op friendly titles for next to nothing, or some overpriced DLC reduced to slightly less overpriced?  Admittedly some of the weekly sales are less emphatic than others, but do you know what is a bargain?  A game that is permanently reduced. This has just happened to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, now yours for 800 Microsoft Points, or as I like to call it - the price that all download games should be in the first place.

by Paul Acevedo 17
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Enter to win the ultimate dinosaur shooter.

Orion: Dino Beatdown Steam Giveaway

Attention dinosaur lovers/haters. Co-Optimus is following up last week's World Gone Sour contest with a brand new giveaway. This time we're shelling out five copies of the very promising first-person shooter Orion: Dino Beatdown from Spiral Game Studios. Orion launches on Steam this Friday, May 4th and supports 5-player online co-op. We'll have a full co-op review very soon. In the mean time, why not try to win it for free?

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Developers Struggle to find the Demand that Once Was

On the Download Issue 36: The Decline of XBLA

Over the years Xbox Live Arcade has gone through an evolution. While it started as remakes, re-releases, and every so often an original title it’s now evolved into something different. It’s now a service filled with games that aren’t quite big enough for a full retail product. It it feels like XBLA has lost its identity.

by Sam Tyler 4
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June will see MGS HD coming to Vita, but Peacewalker is absent

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Coming to Vita, but with No Co-op!

I do like a good collection of games; more pleasure for the same price.  Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is a prime example of this, not only did you get updated versions of some of the earlier single player outings of the franchise, but also a brand spanking new update of the 4 player co-op Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD.  The collection has just been announced for Vita, surely the PSP native Peace Walker would fit seamlessly onto Sony's new handheld?  Apparently not, as a certain game is missing...

by Eric Murphy 1

CCV Blog Wrap-up for April 2012

Well, it's been a slow month for user blogs, but where our community lacks in quantity, they make up in quality. This month in Co-Optimus Community Voice, we asked the community what they thought about Kickstarter projects and their viral popularity these past two months. Only one community member was brave enough to answer the call.

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