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Our Weekend in Gaming - A Band of Nomads

I can't believe it's September already.  The gaming rush is almost here, I can hear the stampede just over the horizon.  It starts next week with Dead Island, Resistance 3 and Space Marine.  In other news the Co-Opticrew has been quite mobile lately, with Nick just returning from PAX in a travel ordeal that took him through 6 airports.  Mike is making his way across the country, Jason is out of town, Marc is traveling to an undisclosed location, Andrew is in Ohio, Sam is on wherever there is to vacation in the UK and finally Jim is traveling from Texas to New Jersey to be with family.  

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Final Crimson Alliance Character Video: Moonblade the Assassin

As Crimson Alliance's release next week nears, the last character class video is now available for your viewing enjoyment.  The final heroine is an assassin, with all sorts of crazy moves, sneaky attacks, and poisoned blades, as you'd expect.  The game looks gorgeous, as you can see.  You might recall our hands on preview, in which Crimson Alliance was very impressive.  Starting September 7, you can team up with three more friends, either local, online, or a mix.  We are all but drooling in anticipation!

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