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Co-Optimus 2011 Holiday Buyer's Guide Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable Edition

Sometimes it's tough to come up with games to give your gamer spouse/friend/co-worker/etc. This can be very tricky for some if said gamer is an avid PS3 or PSP user. What, you mean that great co-op 360 game isn't on the PS3? And how the heck are you supposed to know which fresh co-op games are good on the PSP, seeing as you sold yours a couple years ago? Worry not, shopper! We have plenty of recommendations for the PS3 and PSP within!

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Unit 13 Brings Co-Op To the VITA from Zipper Interactive

Zipper Interactive, creators of SOCOM 4 US Navy Seals, have announced a brand new game for the PlayStation VITA which will be available at the system's launch.  The game is called Unit 13 and its a 3rd person shooter set across 36 missions and 9 locales.  It doesn't look all that different than the SOCOM franchise, though we get a little more of a "black ops" vibe from the screens and info.

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Ubisoft have released a batch of artwork and more infomation on their upcoming Rainbow 6 game

Rainbow 6: Patriots Info and Artwork Abseils In

A typical conversation between Ubisoft and Co-Optimus goes like this; "What do you want?" - Information. "Who is Rainbow 1?" - you are Rainbow 6.  "Co-Optimus is not a number, we are free men!" We may consider ourselves free and not Prisoners, but we would still like more information on the upcoming Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Patriots and some artwork if you please?  Ubisoft have duly obliged.

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NFL Blitz is Back, Video Features Local and Online Co-Op

The NFL Blitz franchise has been resurrected by EA Sports.  A video promoting the revamped series was posted on Youtube last month (see below).  The title will feature all of the crazy gameplay the series was known for, including flaming players, wrestling-style tackles, as well as teams made up of zombies and robots.  Best of all, it won't break your wallet.  The game will feature all 32 NFL teams in a nice $15 dollar (or 1200 MSP) downloadable package.

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The predecessor to the Wii is a decade old

Co-Op Classics: Happy 10th Birthday, GameCube!

Today, we continue our look back at two video game consoles released one decade ago. Last week, we covered Microsoft's first console, the Xbox, and its most notable innovation to co-op, online play through Xbox Live. But the Xbox wasn't the only console to arrive in stores in time for the holiday shopping season in 2001. NIntendo's GameCube hit the shelves on November 18 of that year, and brought some excellent cooperative experiences to gamers that were unavailable on any other system.

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