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How many billions of guns will be in this one?

Pandora Boogaloo: Borderlands 2 Officially Announced

We all loved Borderlands. From countless co-op sessions to adventures with Painted Queens, nearly our entire community came together to tear apart the wasteland of Pandora in search of precious, precious guns. We all knew a sequel was bound to happen, and guess what? It is. In our inboxes this morning came glorious news for the Co-Op Revolution: 

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Are you ready, Reclaimer?

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Trailer Teases Terminals

This new video from 343 Industries doesn't have much hard information.  It's so much fluff.  It does have the Halo music going for it, which means fanboys will get a chill.  The Terminals will provide a little backstory for players in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversaryas well as offer hints of what to expect in Halo 4 .  You can see some intense animated cut scenes, as well as a flaming Spartan.  Out of all the jokes that just entered my mind, not one of them is fit to print here.

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Lantern Run co-op mode detailed with up to four players supported, either locally or online.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet's Co-Op Detailed

We last saw Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet at PAX East back in March.  Our editor was quite impressed with the title, with a unique art style from Michel Gagne, but only got a glimmer of what the co-op mode would entail.  With the game out tomorrow, the reviews have started to hit the net, and with it details on the cooperative aspect.

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Toss me an ammo clip, get yourself in cover, the cancelled PS3 exclusive could have been special.

Eight Days Could Have Been a Buddy Co-Op Game

During E3 2006 I remember a standout video of a game called Eight Days.  The video took place at a desert diner and featured a gang related shootout between two cops and some thugs.  What made it stand out?  A slick cover system, smooth animations, and a some tense action sequences.  Sadly the Sony London developed game was canceled before it saw the light of day.

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