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New Black Ops: First Strike DLC Screenshots and a Poster

Ah, zombies. There are few things more satisfying than dismembering the undead. For those of you who address this primal desire via Call of Duty: Black Ops, you'll already know that Black Ops gets its First Strike Map Pack DLC this Tuesday, February 1st for Xbox 360 owners. It consists of 5 new maps including a new Zombies mode map (obviously the one we're most excited about here!), called Ascension.

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Co-Op Classics: Space Invaders

Video games in general owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Space Invaders, but fans of co-op especially should recognize the tremendous impact it had on gaming. It was in one of the variations of the Atari 2600 version that introduced cooperative elements to Space Invaders.

by Nick Puleo 9

Our Weekend in Gaming - Post Digout Edition

We've had quite the snowy winter here in North America, especially the Central and North East regions.  Many of us will be recovering from shoveling a foot of snow or more by sitting on the couch and playing plenty of games.  Here's what the staff is playing this weekend.

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Co-Optimus is 3 Years Old Today, Co-Optimus Mobile and More Coming Soon

It's hard to believe this site I conceived over 3 years ago has grown into such a vibrant community and a resource used by millions of people.  Today Co-Optimus turns three and I'm extremely proud of everything we've accomplished during that time.  Co-Op gaming is incredibly popular with bigger and better co-op releases announced every year; developers, publishers, and gamers have all joined in on the Co-Op Revolution.

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Sega Genesis Classics Pack 4 = Cheap Co-Op Fun

Is there anything better than classic co-op gaming from the awesome consoles of yesteryear?  How about CHEAP classic co-op gaming from the awesome consoles of yesteryear ON YOUR PC?  A new collection of Genesis gems (no, not Columns) is now available through digital download services.  It's a tremendous bargain, featuring 10 games for the quite low price of $7.50 (on Steam).  Included in the set of games are co-op greats Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage and its sequel, and a title I am less familiar with, Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

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