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Gearbox Now Owns Duke Nukem IP

Not only has Gearbox taken up the reigns of development on Duke Nukem Forever, tasked with finishing a twelve year old title, they've actually gone out and purchased rights to the franchise.  That's right - all future Duke Nukem titles will be under a Gearbox banner.  This is coming from multiple sources at the Penny Arcade Expo who attended the Gearbox panel - an panel in which 165 pizzas were ordered to logo stuffed with pepperoni to look like Duke's radioactive logo.

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Inversion - Just Meat and Potatoes

"Saber Interactive's Inversion makes no bones about looking exactly like Gears of War," says EuroGamer's Tom Bramwell in their latest preview. According to the article, the controls are cloned over as well. Whether this works to Inversion's advantage or detriment remains to be seen. If nothing has changed since the last time we've given the game coverage, then it seems that the lack of splitscreen co-op (online only) is one thing that deviates from the Gears of War formula of success.

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Our Weekend in Gaming - PAX 2010 Edition

Sadly our PAX 2010 edition is free from the staff at PAX.  Babies, personal commitments, time and money all added to Co-Optimus not being at its favorite gaming show of the year.  To make matters worse, we're missing Duke.  Duke, friggin Nukem, fuggin Forever.  Gah!  We'll be bringing you coverage as we can this weekend of the goodies from the show.

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Tribes and World of Warcraft Designers Join forces for Firefall

Red 5 Studios have announced a brand new massively multiplayer shooter called Firefall which will focus on team based and cooperative based gameplay.  The studio, founded by World of Warcraft lead developer Mark Kern and Starsiege Tribes lead designer Scott Young, plans to release the game late next year on the PC utilizing a free to play model.

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Shank Co-Op Review

Shank is a game about a guy name Shank who shanks a lot of guys. It’s probably the most appropriate title for a game in recent memory. It is a story of revenge, mistaken identity and a whole lot of sticking sharp things into the soft parts of bad guys.

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Ace Combat Joint Assault Giveaway

Ace Combat: Joint Assault launched into the unfriendly skies of the PlayStation Portable this week and co-op gamers are tasked with teaming up with pals to bring down the bad guys. If you haven't snagged the game yet, you're in luck, because we've been provided with copies of the game to giveaway.

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