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The Co-Optimus Video Guide to Building a Gaming PC

In Part 1 of our guide to building a gaming PC we looked at all the components of a computer and gave suggestions on which ones to purchase. Now your components have arrived and its time to put them together. Part 2 of the series is a video showing you how to assemble your brand new computer.

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Steam Offering Co-Op Friendly Gift Pack Sales

Steam is offering two promotions starting this week - one for you and one for your friends.  The first promotion is simple - just add 10 games to your wish list and you'll automatically be entered to win your entire wish list as one of 30 winners every day.  Sounds pretty simple!

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GoGamer 48 Hour Madness Black Friday Deals Start Under $1

GoGamer is having their normal weekly 48 Hour Madness sale, but this one is a bit special.  To celebrate Black Friday they have discounted numerous title under $1 in cost.  We've highlighted some of the co-op titles available, but there's plenty of other deals to be found as well.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Co-Optimus

Today is Thanksgiving in North America.  It's a holiday about family, friends, eating and togetherness.  Most importantly it's a holiday about giving thanks for the things in life we may take for granted.  We give thanks today for co-op gaming as well as the hobby that we all love to enjoy.  

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Two Worlds II Story Trailer Showcases an Epic Battle

Southpeak have released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Action/RPG, Two Worlds 2.  The game will sport an 8 player co-op mode that sets up the story for the game's single player game, taking place just after the events of the first Two Worlds title.  This trailer is actually set during that time period - so perhaps we're getting a glimpse at some of the action?  Speaking of action, the trailer is full of it, and its easy to get a Lord of the Rings epic battle vibe from it.   Instead of Aragorn though, we have Sordahon - not quite the same.

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Co-Opticast Episode 55: So Nice, We Recorded Twice!

Due to technical difficulties (Mike's computer crashing) this Co-Opticast represents a shift in our normal two week schedule and the second recording of Episode 55. That's ok though, it just means we practiced first to bring you a totally awesome podcast. On the plate is a beefy segment of gaming discussion, plenty of co-op gaming news, and opinions on Microsoft's Kinect.

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