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Our Weekend in Gaming - A Summer Buffet

There's a regular buffet of gaming going on with the Co-Optimus staff this weekend.  Whether it's playing sports games, RPGs, portable titles, or classics - there's surely a game for everyone.  The one stand out title everyone seems to be playing is Monday Night Combat - a truly excellent game any night of the week.  

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Lost Planet 2 Coming to PCs on October 15th with 3D Support

Capcom have announced a PC version of Lost Planet 2 is on the way and will be out this Fall on October 15th.   The port of the popular four player co-op console game will be getting a few new bells and whistles - namely upgraded graphics and 3D support.  In fact, Capcom has partnered with NVidia to create a Lost Planet 2 benchmark utilizing new assets from the game to measure your graphics card performance - it's out now and you can download it here.

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Patapon 3 Packs Four Player Co-Op

More news rolls out of Gamescom this week, and this time, it's a video for the upcoming PSP rhythm/puzzle hybrid, Patapon 3.  In addition to new heros, classes, and skills for your armies, the multiplayer offerings have been cranked up significantly.  Four player co-op is now available, and can be used on any level throughout the game.  For the more competitive Patapon patrons, 4 on 4 matches can be set up, as well.  Check out the video for more.

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Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Entire Setlist Revealed

With the release of the game a little over a month away, Activision has spilled the complete setlist for Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock.  A quick look over the list indicates a shift back to the heavy metal, shredding style of the early years of the series.  Multiple songs from Megadeth and Rush's epic masterpiece "2112" are among the highlights.  Warriors of Rock may not have keys like its biggest competitor soon will, but with a solid group of tunes, a souped up story line, and the Soundgarden album tie-in, it looks like a fine choice for co-op music game fans this fall.

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Castle Crashers PSN Release Dated, Awesome is Imminent

The wait is finally over, we now have a confirmed release date for Castle Crashers PSN. August 31st, 2010 you can spend that $15 that’s been burning a hole in your digital wallet on Castle Crashers. For those that already owned the Xbox LIVE version, there are a few incentives to re-purchase this one. First and foremost the entire game has been optimized in its transfer over to PSN.

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