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Happy 25th Birthday, Nintendo Entertainment System!

To celebrate the launch of what many (including myself) consider the greatest video game system of all time, I asked the Co-Optimus staff to share their memories of the NES. We will then take a look at the Top 5 greatest cooperative experiences the original Nintendo had to offer.

by Nick Puleo 9

Our Weekend in Gaming - Me and My Headset Edition

The weather has gotten much colder here in the North East at Co-Optimus HQ - so that means we'll have more time to avoid the outdoors and more time to spend playing video games.  Raking leaves? Phhh-shawww.  Taking kids to football practice?  Ya...right.  Me - I'm staying in and avoiding all social interaction unless it's through the buffer of an Xbox Live headset.

by Nick Puleo 6
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Uncharted 2 Offers 5x Cash, Exclusive Skin for its 1 Year Anniversary

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of Uncharted 2's release on the PlayStation 3.  To celebrate this, developer Naughty Dog is having a huge online celebration for the game offering 5x the amount of cash available in each match with no cap.  It's a great chance to level up your player quickly - especially if you just picked up one of those swanky GOTY editions.  This is available in all modes including the game's cooperative modes.

by Loren "AgtFox" Halek 5

Growing Up 8-Bit at Amazon/Barnes and Noble

Nick (bapenguin) has been nice enough to let me promote the ebook I published close to 2 months ago called Growing Up 8-Bit.  The book is available for download from Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble for $2.99.  You do not need a Kindle or Nook to read the book, both sites have clients available for a variety of computing and mobile platforms.  There is also an 8-page PDF sample I have put online for people to look at. It contains the early pages of the book after the Table of Contents.

by Andrew Gaskill 0
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Explosionade Co-op Review

Explosionade is an old-school platformer/shooter hybrid from Mommy's Best Games. Innovative controls put you behind the wheel of a gold powered, Mega-Nade tossing mech. You can even bring a buddy along for the ride in 2 player local co-op. So is this a delicious beverage, or a sour drink?

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