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Global Agenda Goes Completely Free-to-Play

Hi-Rez Studios has recently announced that they will be dropping the optional subscription fee for multiplayer third-person shooter Global Agenda. Previously, certain features were locked unless you opted for the subscription. Now all players will have access to all the content, making the game completely free-to-play after you pay the box price. As you might remember, Global Agenda is a game that we felt had a lot of good co-op potential. The game is also on sale on Steam at 33% off (bringing it to a little under $27) until July 5th. If you've been curious about the game, now may be a good time to jump on in and check the game out.

by Marc Allie 1

Co-Op Casual Friday: Up

Up is one of the best games I can think of for an older gamer to play with a child; after all, it's a game about a grown up and a kid teaming up for an adventure! With a high interest subject, forgiving difficulty, and a whole heap of charm, Up is quite a lot of fun for young and old alike.

by Katrina Pawlowski 4
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E3 2010 Fable 3 Details From The Showfloor

The upcoming release of Fable 3 looks to take everything learned from Fable and Fable 2 and add its own unique flare to it. Sure, you've heard a lot of hype before and the games always seem to have great potential, but fall short in some aspects - this time, however, we've heard what the co-op is like, and we can at least give that aspect the Co-optimus seal of approval.

by Nick Puleo 2

Our Weekend in Gaming - First Week of Summer Edition

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, this week marked the longest day of the year along with the start of the summer season.  Traditionally that means outdoor BBQs, late nights looking at the stars, and swimming in pools to cool off.  For gamers it's just another excuse to stay indoors and crank the AC and fire up your gaming system of choice.  After all, you don't want it to over heat. 

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