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Kick-Ass Co-Op Review

When it comes to licensed games from popular film or other medium, you can consider most of us gamer types to be a bit skeptical. We recently took a look at the PSN co-op title Kick-Ass (of movie and comic book fame) to decide for ourselves which category this beat 'em up brawler fits in.

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The Co-Op Classic That Never Was

For some reason, I've had Atari on my mind quite a bit lately. It's unfortunate that most of the old school Atari games were single player experiences, and don't get much coverage here at Co-Optimus. But there is one obscure Atari game that will be of particular interest to fans of co-op gameplay.

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Luigi Joins Super Mario Galaxy 2 in new Screens and Video

We just got a fresh batch of screenshots and a new trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2 which shows the green clad plumber having at it with the minions of Bowser.  Sadly it doesn't look like Luigi and Mario will be a co-op pair that are playable in the game, as it's an either or scenario for your goomba stomping.  You'll still be able to play co-op with the 2nd player controlling your sidekick star.

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Primal Wireless Headset with Unique Microphone Launched for Xbox 360

Headsets are becoming more and more popular, and as you've seen before,  we've been covering a variety of them.  Some sets are wired, some wireless, all are crucial to your gaming and co-op experience.  Like any good headset, it's only good if there's a quality microphone to communicate.  The new Primal Wireless Headset from Rude Gameware offer a unique solution to a completely wireless package.

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