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Melt Faces Off Zombies with your Guitar Hero Skills, Bring a Friend

One of my all time favorite crazy games is Typing of the Dead, a game that blends House of the Dead with Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.  Yes, it's crazy - and it's crazy addictive for geeks like myself.  Developer Epicenter Games looks to release a spiritual sequel to the genre, with a game that combines Guitar Hero style gameplay with House of the Dead style action.  Enter Rock of the Dead.

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Detailed Preview Unveils New Features

You may not know Greg Canessa, but Xbox 360 owners are probably using something he created everyday.  Canessa has had his hand in creating many things for Microsoft like achievements, match making and Xbox Live Arcade before moving onto Pop Cap Games for a brief stay.  Now with Blizzard, Canessa is the projector director for the upcoming update which will see plenty of enhanced features for StarCraft 2 and eventually Diablo 3.

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Next Assassin's Creed to include Co-op?

As much as I enjoyed undertaking 4 player co-op assassinations in Tenchu Z, it had more flaws than a Dubai super skyscraper.  Assassin's Creed 2 is the current leader in the silent, but deadly, genre of the stealth 'em up, but it was a solidly solo experience.  Great news; latest rumors suggest that a new game in the franchise (let us call it Assassin's Creed 3) will have a co-op mode.

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iPhone Versus Shooter Getting the Co-Op Treatment

I have a Google Android-powered phone, so I don't get in on some of the cool apps and games like Eliminate. I see the iPhone and Android phones as, say...Pinky and the Brain. One gets all the love, while the other bides his time. Perhaps global domination will come somewhere down the line, but in the meantime one of them gets to have some fun. Egad!

by Tally Callahan 3
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Introducing Diablo III's Monk: the Female Edition

Diablo III has been teasing us for awhile now. A few screenshots here, an enemy description there, Blizzard toys with our emotions and gives us just enough information so we don't fall into despair over whether we'll actually hold this game in our hands. Well, today Blizzard supplied us with another drop in the bucket labeled "Things We'll See in Diablo III." Yes, Virginia, there is a female monk in the Diablo III universe.

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Adventure Game Dream Chronicles Coming to XBLA and PSN, Includes Co-Op

Publisher Hudson Entertainment announced yesterday that they are working on bringing a port of the PC adventure game Dream Chronicles to XBox LIVE Arcade and Playstation Network this Spring.  While the PC version of the game is single player only, this new port promises to include both online and offline co-op.  Given the point-n-click interface of the game, the co-op portion will likely entail the second player acting as another arrow pointer on the screen, as we've seen with similar types of games, though the press release makes no specific mention of how the co-op mode will function.

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