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Co-Optimus Presents our 1000 Co-Op Games Contest

We're pretty proud of the face we just reached a major milestone for the website - over 1000 co-op games in our database! To celebrate we're having a monster giveaway with almost a dozen prizes including a new Xbox 360 Slim console, Copies of Crackdown 2, T-Shirts and more!

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Co-Op Classics: Superman: The Arcade Game

You'd think that a game based on Superman would be great. After all, who among us doesn't wish we had super powers like the Man of Steel? The game isn't quite as indestructible, with all manner of odd decisions. I can't think of a more bizarre way to adapt a character into a video game.

by Katrina Pawlowski 0
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Crackdown 2 Interactive Orb Collecting Map Excludes Co-op Orbs *UPDATE*

Generally speaking, we're not particularly surprised that Achievement Hunter has set up an Orb map for Crackdown 2, but we're a bit put off that co-op orbs are missing from the list. Anyone who has played Crackdown 2 has noticed the little gray Xbox LIVE Orbs around the city. You need two or more players in the same area to collect these skill enhancing orbs, and the orbs also end in an achievement when you get them all.

by Nick Puleo 5

Our Weekend in Gaming - The Summer "Drought"

Despite a bit of a dry spell with game releases there's plenty to play thanks to the likes of downloadable games.  Deathspank and Blacklight: Tango Down seem to dominate our playlists, not to be outdone by the likes of Transformers and others.  Comic Con is next week, so expect plenty of gaming news, despite the continued light release schedule.  Don't worry, the fall is coming, then we'll all be complaining about too much too play.

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