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Din's Curse Demo Now Available

Late last year, we told you about Din's Curse, an indie action/rpg. Firmly in the hallowed Diablo 2 style of gameplay, Din's Curse adds to the formula in a few intriguing ways. The standard class/skill system is tweaked to allow hybrid classes, with well over a hundred different combinations. The storyline, too, is innovative, and will vary based on the player's actions, which means no two games will play the same.

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I Told the Witch Doctor That I'm in Love with Diablo 3

The last of the genders for our Diablo 3 characters have been revealed, this time the female version of the Witch Doctor graces us with her creepy presence.  So far we've seen the Wizard, Monk, and Barbarian.  There's still one entire class that's yet to be revealed for the game, both male and female versions.  Along with the above concept art we've received a fresh batch of screenshots as well.

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Perfect Dark HD Co-Op Review

If there’s anything gamers are guilty of, it’s nostalgia blindness. We love to replay the things that we played when we were younger gamers, but just how well do some games hold up to the test of time? We played Perfect Dark HD on the Xbox Live arcade, and put the Nintendo 64 classic to the test.

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Lost Planet 2 Footage Shows Off More Than Just Aliens

In much of the coverage of Lost Planet 2 to date, we've seen a lot of two things: aliens and Marcus Fenix.  Perhaps realizing that their co-op third-person shooter, while certainly enjoyable to look at, may get painted with a "much of the same" brush, Capcom recently visited 1Up's offices to show off an exclusive level from the upcoming title.  With a tagline of "Lost Planet 2 Is More Than Just Shooting Through An Alien's Anus," the preview lives up to its tagline and doesn't disappoint in providing something other than another giant alien.  In fact, it offers up something that I know at least one of our editors will be happy to see: giant fighting mechs.

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